Prepare For “TiVo Enhanced” Products & Services

TiVo has submitted a number trademark filings for a “TiVo Enhanced” logo and verbiage… seemingly covering just about everything the company currently offers. One example:

Subscription television broadcasting services; transmission of cable television and interactive delivery of audio and video over digital networks; cable television transmission of personalized and interactive television programming; Transmission of network and satellite television programming; Digital and electronic transmission of voice, data, sound, music, graphics, images, audio, video, information, and messages

I can imagine a number of scenarios where we might see this bit of marketing implemented, such within the guides of former Rovi-branded licensees or stamped on products like the TiVo-powered Philips DVR announced in 2017 (that’s yet to launch) — similar to the retired “TiVo Design” Insignia HDTV.

6 thoughts on “Prepare For “TiVo Enhanced” Products & Services”

  1. Perhaps also Amazon powered APP also or Android TV, ala a subscription service that includes streaming and DVR along with local DVR integration? Who knows but lots of possibilities.

  2. I just want to be able to get NBC, ABC CBS, and FOX without using cable it an antenna that never really works the way it’s supposed to. I love my TIVO which I’ve had for years, but lately, cable and TIVO are not playing nice together…grrrrrrrrrr.

  3. To Diane: Have you tried the FCC website to see what channels you can get at what direction & distance you are from them to determine what type of antenna you need? I am in the LA area & am 18.1 miles from OTA transmission towers, so I only needed an indoor Winegard antenna for my new living room TV & OTA TiVo, but my back bedroom TV runs off a 21 year old rusty roof antenna. Distance & typography are the two important factors for all cord cutters & OTA reception.

  4. I’ve been a big tivo fan since the series 2, lifetime subscriber with 3 tivo’s. I always thought the death watch was overblown on Tivo, but cord cutting services like PS Vue and Sling TV just make more sense now

  5. Yes. I just signed up for Sling TV and dropped my FIOS Ultimate HD tier down to their custom TV. So after using my TiVos religiously for seventeen years, I will now now be using them considerably less.

    And this was really brought about the the terrible video quality on FIOS now. As well as the terrible video quality from local DC OTA stations. If the quality was still like it was just a few years ago, I would have never switched to watching a large portion of broadcast TV from a streaming service.

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