Hulu To Resurrect TiVo Pause Screen Advertising

Variety reports that streaming service Hulu intends to implement pause screen advertising beginning next year. This isn’t an entirely new development, since TiVo pioneered that “feature” way back in 2009.

Given Hulu’s least expensive tier already runs traditional commercials, this appears to be both an additive disruption for users and revenue stream for the company. As a DVR subscriber, I found TiVo’s approach offensive in layering ads upon someone else’s content… including the possibility of riding atop other ads. However, given the landscape in 2019 and as the content service provider itself, I’m less bothered by Hulu’s initiative. Not to mention, for a mere 99 cents a month, I have zero room to complain. As to actual implementation, I expect Hulu to expand on TiVo’s seemingly retired graphical approach by also bringing video to bear.

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  • Advertisements were a main reason I moved to recording shows on TiVo, ripping via Kttmg and watching via Plex

  • I hope they provide a way to clear the ads off the screen. Some of us pause the program to read something on the screen, or otherwise study a scene. A screen overlaid with ads and progress bars and resume arrows that can't be cleared is a major pain.

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Dave Zatz