Amazon Readies Alexa “Guard” Mode

Taking a page from professional home monitoring services and DIY glass break sensors, Amazon is readying Alexa “Guard” mode to place our Echo hardware into a new sort of listening mode while we’re out and about as the company continues to flesh out their home automation platform. And the Alexa app has just been updated to reflect the incoming feature. In fact, given the wording on my iPhone, it appears some of us have already been granted access… while others will want to tap the “Notify Me When Available” button. So check your app and let us know how it works!

With Guard, Alexa can help you keep your home safe by alerting you when the sound of smoke alarms or glass breaking is detected. We’ll make Guard available to more customers soon.

1 thought on “Amazon Readies Alexa “Guard” Mode”

  1. Interesting idea (especially if it remains free) for those of us that invested in their ecosystem. I have some sort of Alexa capable app in a few rooms with first floor windows so having the glass break system would be useful.

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