Amazon Echo Auto Now Shipping!

Tipster Susan H shouldn’t have been doubted… as a small number of lucky folks did indeed receive Echo Auto invites. And orders have started arriving! Not much yet in the way of commentary, but Tod Kuntzelman has posted some nice pictures while we await more well-formed initial thoughts, including the requisite Roav Viva comparisons — given experiences with other Alexa-powered devices, I assume going native Amazon vs 3rd party hardware will reap significant rewards. Sadly, I wasn’t amongst the first wave of invitees and continue to pine away.

9 thoughts on “Amazon Echo Auto Now Shipping!”

  1. I’m pretty stoked for this – as long as it supports Spotify out of the box. It better – as the logo is right there on the product page.

    I’ve had the Roav Viva for a year now and it still doesn’t have Spotify, and this was the main reason I purchased it.

  2. Pretty sure the number of Amazon devices you have is not a major deciding factor in receiving an invitation. I’ve literally purchased every Echo device ever release and have over 30 registered Amazon devices on my account but haven’t received an Echo Auto invite.

  3. I actually bought my garageio from amazon and use echo/Alexa to open and close it. Asked for invitation when they announced this. I will be patient.

  4. I had intended mine for a gift to my grandson for his birthday in early January. He is a great person who deserves a sweet gift. But alas I have not received an invitation.

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