Amazon Echo Auto Invites Are Here

While it had appeared that Echo Auto might have been delayed until 2019, possibly in relation to upcoming location services and new auto skills, golden tickets may have started going out … as ZNF tipster Susan H has reported receiving one. And Amazon is certainly adding fuel to the fire that the flood gates are about to open, having just posted this Alexa Auto YouTube video.

4 thoughts on “Amazon Echo Auto Invites Are Here”

  1. I own two Roav Via and one Garmin Speak both of which work about 80% of the time currently. I am curious if this will work better than those devices and at $24.99 I’ll give it a shot if/when I receive my invite. Biggest issue with the above devices is currently no Spotify support but they both do Support SiriusXM.

  2. Sounds like Amazon is building out an auto-centric platform – I assume this will be better… but will the others receive access to those skills and are the companies still interesting. Garmin’s updated pricing suggests otherwise. But I do like those little visual cues.

  3. I use the echo dot in my car. I connect it through AT&T Wifi (unlimited, $20.00 per month), use an Aux Cable to connect it to the car’s speakers. It works exactly like the Echos in my home. No Bluetooth, no phone, no muss, no fuss.

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