Amazon Echo Auto Nears Release

Amazon promised to deliver Echo Auto before the end of the year… and if today’s shopping cart error (?) is any indication, we’re getting very, very close.

Contributor Adam Miarka was able to add the highly anticipated gadget to his cart, with early adopter discounted pricing of $25, yet was unable to complete the transaction (as pictured).

For a brief period, I followed in Alan Wolk’s footsteps and traveled with an Echo Dot in the car and I did briefly consider the Roav, however it’s not compatible with my console. But, clearly, I’m interested in having Alexa with me on the go. If Echo Auto doesn’t work out, perhaps I’ll give the Garmin Speak a look – which looks to feature $50 close-out pricing. Not bad, considering it even provides a small screen for directional cues.

While Alexa, presumably, won’t read or respond to text messages, release timing is good now that it narrates Gmail and Outlook.

4 thoughts on “Amazon Echo Auto Nears Release”

  1. Does this mean invitations are starting to go out? Site says, “Emails for invited participants will begin arriving later this year.” If not, I don’t see how Adam was able to add it to his cart in the first place.

  2. I’m hoping this helps me play music via Bluetooth in my 2008 Altima. I have Bluetooth for phone but not music. I have to use the auxiliary connection to play music from my phone (with adapter since I have an iPhone X). That’s really all I’m looking for from this device.

    I’m hoping I can plug this think into my auxiliary port and then use the Bluetooth connection from my phone to play music over the car speakers.

  3. LTskier, if you are on your phone, via the Amazon app….within the product page, if you hold down your finger on the picture of the echo auto, it will let you drag it down to your ‘wish list’. From your wish list, you can then add it to your cart.

    Mostly a glitch on Amazon’s part….but it still won’t let you check out until the invitations start going out….for which they have not….the internet will erupt when they do.

  4. Thanks for both the heads up and the link-love.

    I upgraded to a new car this summer, one that has Apple CarPlay baked in.

    If Apple would let Siri play Spotify, it would be great (they managed to get Google Maps and Waze on CarPlay, so I remain slightly hopeful)

    But Siri sucks in so many unique and powerful ways, mostly because it never understands what I’m saying or can’t do basic “things I need it to do while I’m driving” like add things to my calendar when I remember them or items to a to-do list. (Technically it can, but the hassle involved because it never understands me –even when not in the car–is pretty mind-boggling, especially given the fact that Alexa has zero problem understanding me.)

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