Hacking Amazon Fire TV Recast DVR

Now that Amazon’s surprise over-the-air Fire TV Recast DVR has been out a few weeks, we’ve begun to learn more about its capabilities. While it’s not the right solution for me, as I run mixed streamer household, it seems like a great value with tons of potential. And, as such, AFTVNews has begun hacking the platform. Not in a nefarious cyber criminal way, but in terms of getting a deeper understanding of the platform to maximize its usefulness.

5 thoughts on “Hacking Amazon Fire TV Recast DVR”

  1. I’ve got two Fire TVs, three Rokus, a Chromecast television, an Apple TV, some other stuff. Currently, Recast only beams content to Fire TV set-tops — so I need a more agnostic solution like HDHomeRun or Tablo. Recast does do iPhone and Android app, too. But that doesn’t help me at all TVs.

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