TiVo Needs Your Help

Have a TiVo Bolt, Roamio, or Mini running the Hydra experience? Want to get in early on a software update that, among other things, enables HDMI-CEC for smarter remote control, as Apple TV and Fire TV do? If so, TiVo’s IFTTT Facebook group is soliciting volunteers here.

TiVo may soon be releasing a new CEC feature and is looking for a few dedicated testers to help us with further testing. This feature aims to provide some helpful features including but may not be limited to:

– TiVo remote control key press take TiVo device out of standby, turns on the TV and sets it the the correct HDMI input
– Remote commands via Alexa control TiVo and ensure the connected TV is set to the proper HDMI input
– Remote commands via IFTTT control TiVo and ensure the connected TV is set to the proper HDMI input

13 thoughts on “TiVo Needs Your Help”

  1. I stopped being a guinea pig for TiVo years ago. I have no desire to do testing on their beta software any more.

  2. I have all of the original one I loved it I would like to have a new one just waiting on a $99 special All in for life service

  3. Never did the hydro upgrade. Heard too many complaints.
    The apps section could use an upgrade that’s for sure

  4. I worked for TiVo and they are a lost cause.. they should be hiring more QA to test there stuff and instead relying on forums and betas. There crap code is catching up and sinking them …

  5. I tried Hydra on a Roamio and both the wife and I hated it. We were desperate to revert which, thankfully, we were able to do. I have zero interest in Hydra. And as a result of the Hydra experience, I’m completely gun-shy of being a beta tester for them. Sorry.

  6. I have two working Roamios and one not working. Like them better than any others. Going to have to move into an assistant living and only cable is available. Grandson gave us a serirs one for Christmas when they frist came out. .Have one of each series so guess I will have to use one of them that has lifetime service.. I am in rehab right now and ready miss having it. Hope I can recover enough to try to sell them..

  7. Nobody really cares for those features. We want to expand the all in one. To another posters comment, the apps. We want atmos and hdr. What good is an all in one when I still have to chromecast netflix and hulu to take advantage of what I purchased there. Maybe then we dont need to worry about cec to bring us back to the tivo environment I never should have left in the first place.

  8. Thanks Dave – submitted a join request.

    And unlike everybody else on here — loving Hydra — especially automated commercial skip via IFTTT…

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