Roku Brings 4K To All

Roku’s naming conventions continue to be clear as mud. However, they’re sensibly streamlining their line-up … and, for the upcoming holiday shopping season, intend to bring 4K streaming to the masses with the inexpensive Roku Premiere, running all of $40 – seriously undercutting the Apple and Amazon competition. However, for an additional ten bucks, I’d recommended the Walmart-exclusive Premiere+ that bundles a voice remote with (priceless) television volume control buttons. Of course, mating a 4K streamer to a 4k television doesn’t suggest all streaming content will be in 4K. In fact, the vast majority of video will not reach that resolution. However, a decent amount of YouTube and Amazon Prime streams in 4k and on the house, whereas Netflix 4K does require a plan upgrade.

5 thoughts on “Roku Brings 4K To All”

  1. if this has a faster processor than my old Roku stick I might pick one up to replace it since the price is so low. I know it doesn’t come with an RF remote, but can it be paired to one? I have several around I’m not using a the moment.

  2. These are cheap, but seriously limited compared to the Premiere. They have b/g/n Wi-Fi, no Ethernet, and no RF remote. I’ll be sticking with my Premiere!

  3. OK. No wireless AC like I use with my Roku Streaming Stick+ and Roku Ultra. Wireless AC works great streaming my very high bitrate UHD 100Mb/s+ videos. While a wired connection on the Ultra would just buffer with those videos since it can’t reach the speeds over wired that it can over AC. But for just streaming HD, my old streaming stick works great streaming over wireless N over my LAN or from any streaming service.

    So if this doesn’t have wireless AC it’s not going to give me anything over what I currently have.

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