8 thoughts on “TiVo Suspends CEO Search; Contemplates Breaking Up”

  1. Sounds like TiVo doesn’t really know what it wants to be when it grows up – a ‘better’ DVR for the cable companies, or a one-box for the cable alternatives

    I don’t want to have to give up my TiVo – it really is a best of both worlds (or at least a compromise of both worlds) solution. Waiting to be able to transfer my lifetime, then I would upgrade from my Roamio to a Bolt – but not enough difference in functionality to pay the full price for lifetime (thus the revenue/OI problem they’re facing). I definitely don’t want to go back to paying the Cable company to ‘rent’ one of their boxes.

  2. @NashGuy

    Ugh what’s that quote from
    I was thinking hitch hikers guide to the galaxy but don’t recall

  3. @ Mark c

    I was simply riffing on the old expression “rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic,” i.e. being preoccupied with superficial changes that don’t really matter in the face of impending doom.

    But that’s an exaggeration, of course. I don’t think TiVo overall is doomed, at least in the next few years. But it is hard to see anything but a long decline for them, given that physical DVRs as well as the overall linear channel pay TV system are probably on a path to obsolescence in the next decade. Meanwhile, TiVo’s cash cow, their patent portfolio, is becoming less valuable as some patents, like their key “time warp” patent, expire, and others get invalidated in court, as just happened in a ruling in favor of Comcast.

    There’s a real sense that TiVo is a company in disarray, after the merger with Rovi, the turnover in key personnel, aborted retail products, the half-baked launch of a new UI, a pending exit from hardware, and now this news referenced above. Uncertainty abounds. Bit of a soap opera.

  4. I honestly wish they would just let TiVo die in peace. They haven’t really innovated since Series 1… but boy what an innovation that was. I loved everything about TiVo back in the day.

    The OnePass idea was so great, but sadly it’s half-baked. Since there’s no talkback from the streaming services about what episodes I’ve watched, the whole feature feels like a hack. Plus, they can’t seem to integrate live streaming into the guide data, so I’m stuck poking around the various apps to find out what’s on. And it’s not like there seems to be anything “in the pipeline” from TiVo either.


  5. I feel like I’m being driven away by my cable provider and the ridiculous tuning adapter. I recently tried a new one and CC after repeated missed recordings with unable to tune channel problems. Rebooting the TA seems to fix the problem, but the manufacture date on one CC was 2009 and the other 2010! They haven’t made any progress at all.

    At this point, Youtube subscription seems like it would meet most of my needs with its cloud dvr. I’m just waiting for someone to launch a hdr version.

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