TiVo Resurrects Lifetime Service Transfer Deal

TiVo’s got a great offer for those of you still rocking legacy DVRs with Lifetime service. Active* Series 2, Series 3, TiVo HD, and Premiere units can have their Lifetime service transferred to a new TiVo Bolt Vox under the equivalent All-In plan for just $99. As to the fine print, this promotion is only applicable to set-tops that, “have connected to a TiVo service between July 25, 2017 and July 25, 2018. Your current box will be deactivated on September 7, 2018.” So while our moth-balled units can’t partake, active users get a real nice hardware upgrade at a great price – including a month of service overlap to transfer Season/One Passes and recordings.

(Thanks Daniel T!)

22 thoughts on “TiVo Resurrects Lifetime Service Transfer Deal”

  1. Damn if I had only connected my Premier Elite once this past year. Cox fried the tuner working on my service.

  2. I think I have a lifetime’d S3 at a family members house. Maybe I should swap my Premiere with their S3 and trade up to the 1GB Bolt.

    Does TiVo still give discounts on lifetime for older devices?

  3. I got an email showing which TiVos were eligible for the deal. You have to enter their TSN to get the deal.

  4. I can’t decide if I should upgrade my HD or not since I have more than enough TiVos.

    Also this post only shows if I follow the link in the email and not if I go to your website.

  5. Brennok, it’s an ongoing caching issue with my host. Should be corrected now and maybe I’ll remember to refresh it the next time I post (since it’s way too effortful to migrate).

  6. @Wes Stewart – the last time that they ran this, I ended up setting up my old Tivo 2 and connecting to the service and it let me upgrade that one 2 or 3 days later.

  7. But no deal for Roamio units, huh? Love my Roamio, but would be nice to have a TiVo that can handle 4K/HDR like everything else in my AV cabinet…

  8. I have a premier that i love. The only thing that it lacks, is that it is super slow to load up netflix and other apps. Any opinions on app speed for these new devices? Is it worth the upgrade? It looks like whatever is next in line will be some sort of cloud option that wouldn’t likely have a lifetime support. Let me know what you think, and if you feel the upgrade is worth the money.

  9. Too bad there is no OTA Bolt Vox. We cut the cable last year and record broadcast or stream. My Series 3 which has been mothballed for a while, happens to be eligible. I must have connected it to the network for testing or something – it’s listed in the email Tivo sent to me.

  10. Thanks for the tip, Dave. Anyone have a good link on why to upgrade to a newer model TiVo?

  11. Looking for help….How long should I expect my Premier to last? It’s a 2-tuner, it’s 8-9 years old. Yes, the upgrade is a sweet deal, first time I’ve seen it since I’ve owned my Tivo. I tend to keep things till they break, so I’m not dying to get a new Tivo. Thanks

  12. This is the reason we won’t go back to TiVo. We have had three TiVo with life time service, but for one reason or another, we can’t (or couldnt) transfer or reinstate the service. What a greedy bunch of crooks.

  13. John E. All Tivos are based on a hard drive, and hard drives don’t typically last 8-9 years, so your Tivo is living on borrowed time at best. I have owned 12 Tivos, and none have lasted more than about 5 years. I have a Bolt which I upgraded to Vox, and I am not in favor of the new interface. Lastly, I have to say the new Tivos are not built to last. The Bolt is undersized and doesn’t have sufficient ventilation to keep the device components cool. Mine runs very hot to the touch, which means short device life.

  14. When I went to purchase a Summer Breeze promotion Bolt VOX, it didn’t take my TiVo Service Number and charged me the full amount. I called TiVo and the agent was able to place my order with the TSN, but apparently was unable to cancel the original order. I’ll be stuck returning the overpriced order. I should have known better and phoned in the order in the first place. Hopefully, the return won’t be too painful.

  15. go to https://www.weaknees.com/ and get an upgraded HD to add some life to your system. They have transferred shows from a dead drive to a new drive one and totally saved my content and extended the life of the unit by another 5 years!

  16. I had an old Series 2 that fried and I threw out about 2 years ago, but never removed it from my account. I called Tivo sales and they let me do the upgrade off of that unit that hasn’t been connected in years.

  17. Now that the sale is over and the current supply is sold-out, and the new season is a month away, do we think it is time for a new Tivo?

  18. I got one of the Transfer deals. I did have some problems with the TSN applying so I had to call TiVo and get an agent to set up the purchase. Installed but still working on getting Suddenlink (Suckylink? Suddenstink?) to pair the CableCard.

    One question, I’m not a fan of Hydra, but the rollback instructions I found on the TiVo Community forum don’t seem to work on the new Bolt. Is Hydra mandatory in the newer firmware versions?

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