Tablo Enables Surround Sound (with a caveat)

At long last, the Tablo OTA DVR can now optionally provide the frequently requested surround sound. The firmware update, rolling out in waves now, enables owners to toggle AC3 audio encoding… with a potentially significant caveat: not all Tablo clients are currently 5.1-capable. So while your Roku can pump out surround sound, if you also view your recordings on Xbox Once, you’ll be treated to a whole lot of silence. Tablo’s blog post breaks down their technical challenges, design decisions, and itemizes supported devices and scenarios.

2 thoughts on “Tablo Enables Surround Sound (with a caveat)”

  1. Wow!! It’s 2018 and they post
    “…we’re incredibly excited to announce a new feature coming to all Tablo OTA DVRs – Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound!…”

    So they are just adding 5.1 DD?

    What is this? The 20th century?

  2. Reading the blog post… good on them for delivering after so much time… but wow, what a convoluted mess of device combinations to figure out. Short sighted architecture perhaps?

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