The Best Fitbit Versa Faces

I gotta be honest. I’m jst not completely sold on the Fitbit Versa. It’s decidedly less sophisticated and less premium than the similarly priced Apple Watch. Not to mention, Versa band replacement is just awful. Yet, Apple doesn’t natively provide some of the basics I expect from an activity tracker, such as a simple step complication and sleep metrics — both of which Fitbit handles masterfully. Fitbit also enables 3rd party watchfaces, which is indeed fortuitous as some of the company-produced ones look like Microsoft Paint mock-ups.

My current favorites are Arrow (above), Edgy, and Colors  – all of which can be customized to varying degrees, with Arrow offering tons of options in terms of data and color. Bonus: the developer tells me weather will be coming to all their faces over the coming months. Some Fitbit faces are free, while these run $.99 and $1.99 respectively. As Fitbit doesn’t provide a true store experience, each developer has to work out their own payment and trial methods… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ but their work may be what keeps me from unloading my Versa.

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  1. A store for watch faces, that’s one of the places I think Pebble really missed out. I doubt it would have saved the company or anything, but man the ability to have a standard trail and purchase process would be great!

  2. I picked up a Versa last month for $150, and have been pretty pleased with it overall. My current face is Simple Numbers, purchased from Lignite. I started w/arrow, but felt face was too small. Barcode app has been useful, but not much else that I’ve found in their App Store. But it’s light, and if it holds up (previous Fitbits have not), I’ll remain pretty pleased with it as a fitness tracker with some extras.

  3. I have a Versa, and I agree that the watch face offerings are limited. This does remind me of my pebble which I really liked. Hopefully the user/dev community will come up with new watch faces soon. One of Pebbles strong points was it’s user/dev following, and maybe the will come over to Fitbit and really improve this device.

  4. Steve, I suggested the developer try a three-arrow option as a way to get bigger, more readable fonts. We’re old, our vision is poor. ;) I also like their Birch face. At $150 Versa makes sense. $200-230 seems pricey and puts you into more capable Apple Watch and Vivoactive 3 territory.

  5. Well, so much for holding up. Here I go again, having Fitbit replace another device, this time just two months in.

    My Versa was low on battery (5%) before going to bed last night, but the charger was downstairs and I didn’t want to go get it. Dead when I woke up, so put it in the charger. After a couple of hours went to retrieve, and it wouldn’t wake. The green light on the rear worked, however, and the Versa would sync with the app. I tried changing the watch face (which appeared successful), but still no screen. I looked at the support site and saw a reboot process of holding left button and bottom right button. No luck.

    Contacted support and there was no additional troubleshooting. Send the watch back to them and after they receive, they’ll send a replacement. Macy’s has a 180 day return policy, I think, so may just return.

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