How To Offload Tablo Recordings

We often jump on newly released gadgetry, as we’re wont to do, and my co-conspirator Adam Miarka just picked up the recently unveiled Tablo Dual Lite over-the-air DVR given his dissatisfaction with Plex DVR playback (as run from his Synology DS218+ NAS). The Tablo primarily records shows his toddler requires (hello Daniel Tiger and Ready Jet Go). While Tablo hasn’t yet provided a feature to offload recordings, Adam is running the community-produced Tablo Ripper from a Windows laptop to hoard move recordings from his smaller Tablo external drive to a Plex directory on the more capacious and aforementioned NAS. Tablo Ripper can be run as a service and does integrate with commercial skip software, but Adam’s keeping things simple by running on demand (and PBS doesn’t show a whole lotta commercials). From the NAS, Adam streams shows to his Apple TV Plex app and I suspect he’ll eventually get around to Plex iOS downloads for network-free mobile entertainment before the family heads out on their vacation.

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  1. Adam also runs Channels DVR with a HDHomeRun Connect Quatro, sort of the way I own Lifetimed TiVos and simultaneously subscribe to Tablo with a HDHomeRun Prime in storage. We’re compulsive gadget flippers…

    Although offloading does have a special place in my heart. It’s one of the reason I first got into DVR back in the ReplayTV days – DVarchive let you move recordings from DVR to whatever, and I’d watch shows on old PocketPCs while riding the subway to work. That requirement ultimately led me to TiVoToGo and the tutorial that essentially started this blog.

  2. Ha, I have the same NAS to run Plex. Works great for all of my DVDs I ripped. Sadly no hardware decoding of MPEG-2 seems to have thrown a wrench into my hopes to use it as a DVR. I’ve been eyeing Tablo for a while, but I had no idea there was any way to get the shows off. This could be kind of cool.

  3. Gotta say my experience with Plex DVR and honerun extend has been close to flawless. All my clients are Roku and zero transcoding taking place. I haven’t been running the setup too long but I was expecting it to underwhelm coming from TiVo but I have been pleasantly surprised. So much so that I will be selling my bolt and minis before Comcast makes them worthless. Just an example watching golf on CBS on one tv live, hockey on another tv live and recording on phone. No hiccups whatsoever and my server is a qnap.

  4. We still run ReplayTvs and have lots of spares :) Have really tried to find something better…..

    Visitors are shocked at how well our 1998 tech performs.

  5. Tablo Ripper is fantastic for anyone looking to offload to a server / Plex kind of set-up.

    I love my Tablo and I’ve created an additional tool (for Android) that people reading this might like – it integrates with your Tablo and provides a simple “Netflix Downloads” type of experience for those who aren’t particularly technical, and wish to take their recordings on their commutes, or offline, etc. – totally free to try, in-app upgrade for full downloads… if I may post a link!


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