Verizon FiOS TV Turns On Alexa

Dave Zatz —  March 7, 2018

While core FiOS TV visuals have languished, amidst at least one possibly jettisoned reboot, they’ve continued to expand functionality … and introduced an Alexa skill just a few weeks back to enable DVR voice control.

With Fios TV and Amazon Alexa, you can enjoy easy, hands-free voice control over your TV. You can tell Alexa what you want to watch, search for TV shows, movies, and actors from the guide and Video On Demand catalog. Use your voice to pause, play, fast-forward, or rewind.

Alexa integration requires internet-connected Fios Multi-Room DVR Enhanced or Premium service and is compatible with all Echo devices including: Echo Plus, Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Spot, or Echo Show.

Verizon may be new to Alexa, but they first implemented app-based voice control nearly two years ago – which isn’t as convenient as a somewhat ubiquitous and always-listening device. Initial FiOS skill reviews are mixed, as they often are at launch, but will hopefully improve over time. And, hey, at least they beat TiVo to market?

6 responses to Verizon FiOS TV Turns On Alexa

  1. TiVo is in beta with Alexa integration now, a bunch of skills are available. Also, testing (pretty successfully) auto-skip of commercials for users of Hydra interface.

  2. TiVo commercial auto-skip using Alexa, IFTTT, or native?

  3. All of it uses IFTTT. The auto-skip uses IFTTT alone, while the Alexa commands invoke IFTTT.

  4. Michael Burstin March 7, 2018 at 2:53 pm

    I’ve been using Alexa with Tivo for at least a month already. Check out Different sets of skills, but Tivo is already there.

  5. Confirmed with TiVo. Native Alexa app is coming, hopefully within a few weeks. Alexa thru IFTTT isn’t what I’d call a mainstream solution.

  6. Whoa… Is that actually a CURRENT Verizon box? That thing looks straight outta 1986.