The 4K TiVo Mini Vox Giveaway

TiVo VP Ted Malone kindly provided a TiVo Mini Vox ($180) for evaluation, which I’m now happy to pass along a member of the community.

As you likely know, the TiVo Mini line of small form factor set-tops extend your core TiVo DVR experience to additional rooms and televisions within the home. The newly released Mini Vox features a similar footprint as its predecessors and, beyond more agreeable styling, also brings superior processing power and 4K along for the ride to stream that ultra HD Netflix and Amazon. It’s snappy! The Mini Vox also sports TiVo’s new Hydra interface, for better or worse, which in turn enables TiVo’s highly capable native voice capabilities – triggered via the bundled voice remote.

The giveaway is a fairly simple and standard affair, although not entirely free… as the cost of entry is your social media soul. For reference, a YouTube subscription carries double the weight of a Twitter follow and 4x the value of a Facebook look-see. But, hey, feel free to stack the odds in your favor by taking all available actions. One winner will be selected at random next week and, should the response be favorable, I’ve got some other goodies (eero) waiting in the wings.

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116 thoughts on “The 4K TiVo Mini Vox Giveaway”

  1. You should be watching The Good Place on NBC. I was a little dubious about it at first but it really won me over.

  2. Thanks for sharing!! Hydra/Gen4 is slowly growing on me…the positives are beginning to outweigh the negatives and I’m anxiously awaiting the Google Assistant integration.

  3. What show should Dave be watching? I recommend The Americans (FX). I’ve never felt like this show got the attention it deserved, and with the final season starting in late March this is the perfect time to start binge-watching your way through the series to prepare.

  4. Man, i was going to comment on The Americans as well, solid show and one everyone should be watching. And i’m in for the giveaway!

  5. For comedy watch – vice principals on HBO

    I’ve heard that “dark” on Netflix is amazing and I plan on watching tonight!

  6. You are my only YouTube follow. I follow you on Twitter and Facebook as well. I have 10 TiVo devices in my house so I guess I am a shoo-in

  7. Discovery is *not* worth watching.

    NO ACTIVITY, on the other hand is a fun show with an intriguing premise that Dave should check out.

  8. NightCap on Amazon Prime (Pop Network). Find it by TiVo search for Ali Wentworth. It’s a funny show.

    I could really use a Tivo Mni as my current Mini is an older (A92) version and Tivo Support is jumping through hoops to make it work. (not successfully yet) Can’t find the DVR.

    I subscribed to your YouTube Channel.

    Thanks Dave!

  9. If you enjoyed the Cornetto Trilogy(Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, The World’s End) watch the television show that first combined the team of Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. It’s called Spaced and I think you can see it on Hulu at the moment.

  10. i’m loving hydra and vox on the bolt, but i can see why those appreciate the old ui. would love to habe hydra, vox and 4k on my mini too.

  11. I have no Social Media soul any longer, so I am glad that you are giving us the blog comment and YouTube follow choices as other alternatives to enter this :)

  12. Not sold on hydra (hail hydra) but would convert for free.
    The Good Place is good but I have no idea where they are going to go now.

  13. Weird. I thought I commented on this earlier. Anyway, long are the days when I could say “pick me” and you would actually pick me! Threw my hat in the ring because it’d cool to have this thing, but really just wanted to say hi and continued things. (But still, pick me.)

  14. This season I’m really enjoying The Good Place on NBC, The Orville on Fox, and Mindhunter on Netflix. And of course Firefly on Blu-ray.

  15. Nasty, Dave….tried to get in on the giveaway and hit a blank wall. Too bad, I was prepared to give 2 of my three roku’s and my next first-born child as a bribe. Although I am 71 years old and been neutered, I’d have tried from now ’til the superbowl half time show to produce offspring for a tivo. Bot, alas, not meant to be. If you’d kindly send me the email of the winner I’d certainly make the same offer to him….plus a wheelbarrow my neighbor left leaning against my fence awhile back.. Lemme know. luv, gene

  16. I think you would be watching the Blacklist. It had been on my list to check out for a while, but we finally binged all the seasons on netflix this summer. It is hard to wait for new episode to show up on the Tivo though…

  17. I think you should be watching the Magicians if you aren’t already doing so, Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams and OF COURSE, Star Trek: Discovery. Just FYI, the best way to watch Star Trek is either via Amazon Channels (CBS) as this provides you with Dolby Digital 5.1 and the best possible picture quality OR Netflix, if you are outside of North America. Seriously, DO NOT watch it on the stand-alone CBS All-Access app or

  18. you should be watching black mirror, chicago fire, chicago med, the good doctor… i could go on and on.

  19. Josh Cooley is the big winner, as randomly chosen by Rafflecopter and based on his Twitter follow. Thanks for participating and, like I said, stay tuned for more fun giveaways.

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