Best Black Friday Deals

Some of the best deals I’ve come across on products I own or otherwise endorse, but certainly not all-encompassing – so share your good finds in the comments!

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  1. Many of the best deals didn’t survive to Black Friday like the Arlo Pro 3-pack at Costco for $375, 49″ TCL Roku TV at $250, ecobee3 with 3 sensors at $170-200, and the Sonos One at $156.50. All our gifts are purchased, but still looking for a 20-21″ cordless mower and a few other items on our household wishlist.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Dave. I always appreciate your information.

    My mom was looking for an iPad this year and here are the best deals I’ve found. (Some of these have come in and out of stock already so availability may vary):

    Apple iPad 9.7″ 32GB (Wi-Fi) – Current 2017 version (online only) = $250, or $225 after $25 off online-only coupon. Coupon possibly obtainable in-store at the service desk, or via chat, or on eBay for a dollar or so.

    Target (online or in-store) = $250, plus Friday-only get a 20% off coupon for next shopping trip (exclusions apply), redeemable Nov. 28 – Dec.10, 2017. Can also save additional 5% use Target Redcard.

    Walmart (online or in-store) = $249

    Best Buy (online or in-store) = $250

  3. Thanks for the roundup! My parental in-laws also needed one to donate to a school, but didn’t wait until today – so they got a lesser discount earlier in the week.

    The Target deal looks like the best given the shopping coupon (as a REDcard holder and unsure of how hard it is to get those Costco coupons). Although you got to check those shopping coupons/discounts – Kohls and Target I think have you redeeming it next week only or you lose the money, whereas the Best Buy one and $25 Amazon card with Xbox One S didn’t seem to have an expiration.

    Hope you and everyone else had (is having) a great Thanksgiving family holiday as well. My mother-in-law mixed things up this year with lamb chops (in addition to the requisite turkey) and they were fantabulous.

  4. The cool thing about using the Target Red Card is that it saved me the extra 5% on two already-discounted iTunes cards, so I ended up saving 20% overall (including the discount that they were already offering). I was surprised that the 5% applied to a gift card purchase, but was pleasantly surprised when it worked!

    I also picked up a PS4 slim for $200 (I got mine from Target, but several places had the same deal). The 5% back on that covered most of the taxes, and I was able to pick up a few games that I had wanted over the years, but never felt like shelling out $300+ for the console. The games were cheap (around (65 for 3 of them, including the latest Madden). I had initially fought against PS4 for a few years because of a lack of DLNA support (and my hit and miss frequency of playing games), but I had wanted the last Batman game and the upcoming Spider-Man game, so bit the bullet. It will probably be collecting dust before long, but at minimum, it replaces that old LG BD player that I had in my living room.

  5. The Roku Stick+ was as good deal. I had previously purchased the Premiere+ to replace the Roku Ultra in my UHD setup. But when I saw the Roku Stick + for a couple of dollars less than the Premiere+ I decided to try it out.

    And it turns out the Roku Stick + is easily better than the Premiere + or even the Ultra. The Stick+ is either equal in speed or faster depending on the app. And the stick has no problem streaming my 100 to 120 Mb/s UHD videos over wireless AC. Something the Ultra and Premiere+ can’t do over it’s wired connection since they are only 100BT.

  6. FYI – TiVO also has the 6-tuner TiVo-renewed BOLT 3 TB with Lifetime (All-in Service Plan) for $674.98.

    TiVo-renewed BOLT 3 TB $324.99
    All-in service plan $349.99
    Limited warranty Included
    Subtotal (1 items). $674.98

  7. Buying the TiVo Vox from Best Buy or Amazon is no big deal. You just register it on the TiVo site which takes less than a minute. I did one, a couple of weeks before Cyber Monday, and another when i purchased one on Cyber Monday. Since Best Buy won’t price match their own prices during that time period, they ended up with an open box Mini Vox for the $180 one I returned.

    Anyway, you register the Mini Vox or any TiVo online first. Then you make sure all your current TiVos make a connection before installing the new TiVo. Then when the new TiVo is installed, it will see all your TiVos on your network that are on your account. And your current TiVos will see the new TiVo.

    This worked with the Mini Vox as well as every TiVo I’ve purchased in the years prior. Doing it this way avoids issues.

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