T-Mobile Now Bundles Netflix

Dave Zatz —  September 6, 2017

3 responses to T-Mobile Now Bundles Netflix

  1. and a collective yawn.. how many did not have Netflix already? How about lowering the monthly fees on T-Mobile instead?

  2. It would be kinda funny if we found out that they were offering the one disc at a time subscription package, and not the streaming. That said, I wonder if they will just include the basic streaming package (1 screen, standard definition only), or the more common 2 screen, HD package.

  3. Aaron, I’d say the biggest benefit is the people who do have Netflix – effectively knocking a few bucks off your bill each month. I’m on Verizon, so it doesn’t apply to me – but it’s a nice perk and also notable for exactly the reason you mention: Netflix is the biggest streaming service out there.

    Briketh, it’s the $10/mo plan and requires two lines of service. You can pay the few buck differential to T-Mobile for 4K streaming and more clients.