Roku Trademarks “Tada!” for…?

As regulars are well-aware, I love me a good mystery. And Roku just applied with the USPTO to trademark “Tada!” These sorts of filings are generally difficult to decipher, as the descriptions are often broad and vague, providing the company latitude down the road. So Tada! could refer to just about anything from a new marketing slogan, to an improved universal search utilizing recently licensed TiVo patents, another in-house recommendation show, a publishing platform for content distributors, or a full-on streaming video service to take on the likes of Sling TV or PlayStation Vue.

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7 thoughts on “Roku Trademarks “Tada!” for…?”

  1. A “Roku-Tv” streaming solution with select cable and local channels WITH A GUIDE!!! wouldn’t hurt to add to the rest of the rabble that already have one out. The more, the better for consumers and for pricing wars.

  2. We already know Roku is at least exploring a live streaming service based on prior comments so wouldn’t surprise me if it had something to do with that.

    Shame I gave up on Roku ages ago, I like both the Fire TV and Apple TV significantly more though they aren’t without their own shortcomings. It appears as though even developers have noticed as a majority of companies launching new apps or redesigns seem to be in the “We will have a Roku app eventually when we get around to it” camp.

  3. Mike 1, pricing is largely determined by the content owners and Roku would likely negotiate less favorable terms given their positioning and stature.

    Mike U, must have missed those rumblings. Hm. I hear you on Fire TV possibly eclipsing Roku in a number of areas for a variety of reasons, as you mention. However, Roku TV exists and is pretty darn good compared whereas we don’t exactly know what the Fire TV televisions will look like in the next month or so. Before we moved, I had a Fire TV as primary streamer at family room TV. Post-move, will probably get a TCL C Series with Roku built right in. I know it’ll become obsolete at some point, but it’s a good place to start.

  4. I don’t think Roku is bad by any means, I just think at this point there are better options available. Roku definitely has the advantage of penetration between the TV’s cheap set tops etc. which is why it surprises me that development is generally behind others wether it be with the release getting out of the door or in features for released apps.

    RE: streaming service it was a pretty small blurb but here is the article that says they are considering launching their own streaming service.

  5. Right now there’s not enough 4k content and even less HDR content for me to justify jumping in on the 4k game especially when no one can agree on an HDR standard yet. Last I saw there are 5 different HDR standards (HDR10, HDR10+, Dolby Vision, HLG and Advanced HDR). Roku only supports HDR10 which is being replaced by HDR10+ with no clear indication yet if only some or all compatible devices will be upgradable to the new format.

  6. My guess, is an improved search engine based around voice. Tell it what you’re looking for and TADA !

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