Sony’s Cord Cutting Problem

Dave Zatz —  April 21, 2017 — 9 Comments

Sony serves up one of the very best cord cutting offerings of a small, but growing, gaggle of services that largely replicate cable bundles in aggregating a number pay channels, but served up over the Internet, with more modern interfaces and features (except when they don’t). Unfortunately, by going with “PlayStation” Vue branding, confusion has arisen as, it’s become clear to me, that many folks don’t realize the agnostic service can be accessed from Apple TV, Fire TV, Roku, and other non-Sony hardware. So, amidst this backdrop, it appears the company may be rethinking some things.

Sony emailed a small group of PlayStation Vue subscribers a survey called the Vue Naming Survey. Sony asked several questions about naming different areas. One area that was shared with Cord Cutters News was about a new name for the DVR section.

9 responses to Sony’s Cord Cutting Problem

  1. I’ve been a Sling subscriber ever since they launched and have been following the various cord-cutting services as they’ve launched. This is the first I’ve ever heard that Playstation Vue was available on devices other than Playstations (which I don’t own), so I never even gave it a look. The branding is definitely causing a perception problem.

  2. I use PlayStation Vue on a fire stick. I love it but you are right it is confusing.

  3. Alexander Sukhodolsky April 21, 2017 at 12:44 pm

    The only reason I knew the PS Vue service was available for Roku is ’cause I’m a techie (and I read this blog). Now if only they could implement a decent tv guide screen for Roku…

  4. What horrible branding. I never even considered it, assuming its for Playstation game console only. I’m sure the majority of cord cutters think the same thing. Just call it Sony Vue and expand your potential market instantly. Or call it Xbox Vue and really confuse things.

  5. This is not true cord cutting. It is a slim cable package as I would still be paying for channels I don’t watch / want. I refuse to pay packaged channels that I don’t need.

  6. You and I basically agree — just swapping one aggregator and one pipe for another aggregator and another pipe. However, most consider bypassing the traditional pay television providers for Internet delivery to be ‘cord cutting.’ Further, it turns out a la carte pricing isn’t really sustainable or economical. But it’s good to have (more) choices.

  7. Cord cutter for 6 years, Roku w/Netflix, Amazon, VUDU.

    I’ve never confused the service with only being able to work on a PlayStation, though I see how anyone could mistake that.

    The real problem is PlaystationVUE, SlingTV, and DirecTV are relatively expensive. More fractional options are needed, smaller packages, cheaper prices.

  8. I am PlayStation vue subscriber for 3 months now.I have no complain so far.I don’t watch a lot TV or channels. For me I switch just cut down on my expenses. If any others streaming services TV plans go over $35 I will cancel my services. The new generations don’t watch a lot of TV anymore.That’s why I don’t understand why cable services should not cost anyone more than $40/month.Cable company’s and cellphone company’s should think about reducing price cost on these services.Too much profits is bad too for the peoples.

  9. I imagine Sling TV’s base $20 plan hits the sweet spot for many. It has most of what my wife would watch.

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