Meet The Bose Soundlink Revolve

Dave Zatz —  April 1, 2017

Bose is prepping a pair of Bluetooth speakers that shift the Soundlink line into a new, vertical orientation. Visually, the Bose Soundlink Revolve looks quite similar in form to the Amazon Echo while the Revolve Plus is more like a larger Google Home given is bulbous shape. And both share some resemblance to the Amazon Tap – due to its optional charging stand. The speakers, providing at least 10 hours of juice, will be offered in both black and grey, with the smaller model clocking in at 2.2lbs and the slightly larger model tipping the scales at 2.9lbs (with handle). Beyond music and podcast duties, like the original line of Soundlink speakers these also feature speakerphone capabilities with integrated mic and similar top-mounted button including volume, power, bluetooth, aux, and mic. Sadly, there’s not yet any confirmation of Alexa voice assistant or WiFi integration — perhaps maintaining the distinction between Bose’s Soundlink and the more Sonos-like Soundtouch lines.

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  1. It is merely a Bluetooth speaker. No assistant features. And some features are controlled by the bose connect app. It connects via aux cable or Bluetooth. However can initially pair up with NFC (top of unit). It sounds decent with sound being emitted in all directions.

  2. Thanks guys! I love (solving) a good mystery.

  3. The question is, will it last longer than the last VB one I purchased for $299 that only worked for 10 months until it needed an update that is impossible to do without a computer?

  4. I guess all upcoming Bluetooth Speakers and Headphones from bose will be compatible with the bose connect app. So they will be adjusted and updated by this application. Then you can do any update on your smartphone or tablet via bluetooth.

  5. Tons of sound, but lacking in the bottom end!

    The mystery is finally revealed – The Bose Revolve Bluetooth Speaker is here and it is ready to wow owners with whole room or home sound! Easy to use, easy to setup, the newest speaker from Bose has tons of sound from across the sound spectrum, but can be lacking a bit in the bottom end if you are not using HD sound recordings.

    – Enough sound to fill a room or a home!
    – Amazing quality of sound across the spectrum, you can hear every note and sound well
    – Minimal footprint
    – Wireless
    – Bluetooth
    – Easy Setup, Easy Connect
    – Solid, Well built
    – The must-have companion Charging Dock make for easy, no-nonsense charging
    – Quick charge, 1 hour to full charge

    – Low end sounds can suffer with poor quality recordings
    – Only HD/Digital Recordings are recommended on this unit

    Battery Life still uncertain. Appears to be approximately 8-10 hours on complete charge with constant use, but this is only a guess based on 1 hour of use and 90% battery remaining.

    The only reason for 4 out of 5 star rating is the cost to low end frequency sound. I am concerned that not everyone will have access to HD quality sound recordings. Older non-digital recordings didn’t have the same crisp sound quality on this speaker and lost the quality mostly in the lows… it got swampy and muddy. Yes, this was a result of the quality of recording, not the equipment, but when you pay for premium equipment you expect some correction for this as well, thus my rating.

    On everything recorded digitally, it was amazing!


  6. I’m testing the SoundLink Resolve +, the larger one with a handle. As a Bluetooth speaker, it is pretty good. It has plenty of volume, people can hear it a block away, but low sounds rumble if not HD quality. It gives a good stereo “presence,” and I understand you can use two to have true stereo.

    It takes voice commands and integrates via a computer, phone, or tablet with Google for searches, setting calendar appointments, reminding one of appointments, giving one definitions/synonyms/etc.

    I haven’t cracked hooking it up to my WiFi so far, but I’m just starting.

  7. Man, I do hate idiot trolls. Thanks to Dave for deleting the comments. (I’d IP ban, if I had such a WP option.)

  8. I have the larger version in the smaller version of this product and they both sound very similar I’ve been testing him for the past hour and cannot really find much of a difference in sound quality. If I hold the button down on top of the unit I can activate Siri from my iPhone. I cannot yet figure out if you can connect to at the same time.

  9. I should not have used voice dictation above^

  10. So I deleted what could have been an interesting debate regarding HD audio over Bluetooth – unfortunately, the two participants couldn’t keep it civil and resorted to name calling. That crap isn’t welcome here.

  11. If this comes out, will there be a Soundlink Mini 3?

  12. I love this because
    *Great sound quality
    *Superb build quality and design
    *Great battery life
    *Easy to setup and use
    *Auto turn-off feature
    But sounlink has some cons that’s you may not overcome like as:
    *Average Bluetooth stability
    *On the heavier side

    Are you agree with me?

  13. I’ve had the smaller Revolve for only a week. My $.02:

    DrHedrick, you’re right that the quality of the material you’re listening to makes a big difference. The Revolve is not very forgiving of poor recordings, and there is no tone control or EQ. I have found, however, that placement of the speaker makes a big difference. Sometimes moving it only a few inches away from reflective surfaces remedies the muddiness or boom, and how resonant the surface is that it sits on makes a big difference, too.

    Jon Loomer, You say Bluetooth stability is a con at just “average.” I’ve found it to be above average, without drops or noise, and staying connected even when I put my phone in my pocket and walk to the next room or outside on my balcony. Then again, my apartment is quite small, so I might not be a true test of its limits.

    George McAdams, I was initially a little disappointed with my Revolve because I thought it lacked the “presence” you describe. (My expectations were probably too high.) Anyway, as with the bass boom, moving the Revolve to a better location did improve things significantly. The downside of any omnidirectional speaker, though, is that the added presence and air comes at the cost of imaging. Vocals can sound distant at times. Not altogether unpleasant, but different.

    When I installed the app, it indicated there was a firmware update available. It took a good hour to download and install. However, once it’s initiated, it appears it will resume where it left off if it is interrupted. Except for the firmware update, it doesn’t appear the app does anything that can’t be accomplished via the controls on the speaker itself or the controls of whatever app you’re using to play your music.

    I’ve only used the speakerphone capability once, but it worked well. Sound coming from it was clear, and the person to whom I was talking seemed to hear me well enough, and I was talking at my normal (kinda low) volume.

    So, all in all, I’m liking the Revolve, and I’m picky.