$250 Off TiVo Roamio OTA with Lifetime Service

Dave Zatz —  April 21, 2017

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  1. Many thanks to Keith T for the tip!

  2. Am I correct in thinking that one could buy this, activate it, and then transfer the lifetime service to another TiVo within 30 days? https://support.tivo.com/articles/Features_Use/How-to-Transfer-TiVo-Service-to-a-New-TiVo-DVR

  3. Why is this 3rd party seller so cheap? They also have a Synology NAS that’s normally $599 for only $249

  4. I just ordered one up, hard to pass on that price. Retail? is $399, Dealer is $312. Probably a scam, but since it’s past April Fools… & Amazon has my money at this point… Dice thrown, I’ll give you an update sometime between April 27 & May 2.

  5. It sure seems suspicious… Especially since the ones more expensive are just launched scammers for sure.

  6. William C Bonner April 21, 2017 at 12:17 pm

    I tried to get one, but no longer available.

  7. If they are all gone, maybe that’s a good sign that they were just blowing a misordered unit out? I got a confirmation from Amazon. I was about to order one for the house from my distributor, this is half of dealer price. Fingers crossed. Thanks for the heads up Dave!

  8. Called Amazon, There is NOT any discount available for this item.

    Why do you sent out this OFFER without checking it your self. I lost a hour of my day and there is not any seller as mentioned your e-mail (Christan-Designs.) Your credibility has gone down the TUBES in my View.

  9. Steven,

    1) Amazon wasn’t the seller and I’m not responsible for the speed in which you reviewed the offer that is no longer available.
    2) Several readers here and on Twitter said they successfully placed orders, including the person who had tipped me off. Hopefully the seller delivers and Amazon’s customer service is top notch, so they’re protected should things go sideways.
    3) You are welcome to not return if you’re dissatisfied with the service I provide, including the comment area you’ve used to air your grievances.

    DMC, no you wouldn’t be able to transfer Lifetime off a bundled thing like this.

  10. I can’t believe the audacity and just plain rudeness of some people who show no appreciation towards someone who has provided so much information and assistance for FREE.

    You should be ashamed of yourself Mr. Proe.

  11. Could this share video from a Premiere on the same network that has a cable card?

  12. I ordered one! I hope it’s the real deal (no pun intended). I’ll let you know when and if it ships and arrives.

  13. Hopefully it wasn’t one of these scams:
    Note that the sellers also get your personal info (name, address, email, etc.).

  14. Josh, hopefully not. TiVo is pretty niche… can’t imagine how it’d get on scammers’ radar. Then again it’s the Internet and anything is possible. I got burned in a Dreamcast game scam on ebay years ago – like who would set up a criminal enterprise with such low ticket items. In this case, Amazon would take care of us. (versus ebay back in the day that shrugged)

    Zubin, thanks for the support. I obviously didn’t appreciate his jerky response, but I am a for-profit entity given the ads and affiliate links. :) Having said that, I try to keep a reasonable balance so as to not overrun the place with spammy stuff.

  15. How has no one at least commented on this?

  16. Ok, nevermind. Not sure what happened, there; some sort of browser hiccup.

  17. Probably so cheap because as of October 31, 2017 TiVo is no more.

  18. not applicable

  19. This is still available at $149 and $199 for new units – click on sellers


  20. Just got an order cancelled email. Lame.

  21. Just received an email from Amazon that my order was cancelled due to a “technical problem.” Certainly a disappointment.

  22. Me too, “We’re writing to inform you that your order has been canceled. We’re sorry for the inconvenience this has caused. In most cases, you pay for items when we ship them to you, so you won’t be charged for items that are canceled.* ”

    Yeah! Zatz definitely not funny…

  23. Beth, tell me more about TIVO going into the dustbin of failed American Icons… I haven’t seen anything in the trade press. Do you have any links to stories or do you have insider info?

  24. Never mind… I’ve got it. Sorry, I took about 5 years off from the TIVO train when the CableCard debacle and faulty HDD issues were raging on. I was so excited about this OTA box without a CableCard or monthly. CRAP!

  25. tell me more about TIVO going into the dustbin of failed American Icons…

    The date cited is when TiVo goes under Down Under.

  26. Welp, that’s a bummer. At least we gave it a shot and no one got screwed other than Steven, who wasted one hour. ;)

  27. If I have a Roamio Premier and two Minis, is there any benefit to one of these? Could it still act like a Mini with extra storage?

  28. This today from Amazon – I redacted my order #.

    Order Details

    Placed on Friday, April 21, 2017

    • TiVo Roamio OTA 1 TB DVR – With No Monthly Service Fees – Digital Video Recorder and Streaming Media Player – Compatible only with HDTV Antennas (does not work with cable)
    Sold by Christian-Designs
    Cancel Reason: Technical Problem

    If you need further assistance with your order, please contact the seller or visit Customer Service.

    We hope to see you again soon.

  29. Appreciate all your reviews and the heads up of a potential deal!!

  30. George Antunes April 24, 2017 at 4:23 pm

    I just placed an order for one.


    If it actually ships I will be thrilled, but a bit surprised.

  31. Now available for $139 from a different seller. I placed an order and will see what happens…

  32. Well, if there are still a few Gullible Gustaves out there, I’ll sell you as many as you want for $99 each, no limit. I will need payment by cash in advance. PM me for time and place for the drop, oh sorry I mean the “transaction”…

  33. I’ll send my drone with the money :) :) Smile big with the camera takes your picture.

  34. Well frankly the $399 it is being offers on Amazon now for a 1TB with a lifetime sub is still amazing. Would have jumped at this price had it been available when I bought my bolt with lifetime for more than twice that last year.