Sonos Playbase Nears Release

First spotted at the USPTO way back in 2014, several signs indicate the mysterious Sonos Playbase nears release. What appears to be a speaker array that one’s television sits upon, similar to the Bose Solo 15, the new Sonos product just popped up on retailer BH Photo’s site for pre-order. With a pencilled-in $699 price point, the Playbase comes in both white and black and is tentatively expected to ship in March. Beyond newly unearthed pics, adding fuel to the fire is a deleted Sonos forum post and an FCC listing referencing the incoming ZPS11/RM011/S11.

Of course, we expect the home theater-centric Playbase to provide similar functionality to its siblings… including the ability to pair with “traditional” Sonos speakers for rear channel audio and upcoming support for Alexa. Whether or not the Playbase incorporates native voice support, with far field microphones, or Alexa integration is handled via an Amazon Echo remains to be seen. Given the rumored pricing, equivalent to the Sonos Playbar and exceeding its Bose equivalents, I’d bet on integrated mics and touch controls, as seen with the recently refreshed Play:5 speaker.

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Updated with pictures from Jon Maddox! Sadly, still optical-only.

10 thoughts on “Sonos Playbase Nears Release”

  1. I would love to have a Sonos, but I cannot afford one. I have had demonstration and the sound is wonderful.
    Just have to hope I win a funding.

  2. B&H pulled the listing. Beyond my screenshots, here’s a Google cache of one of the product pages.

    If the Playbase I’ve conceptualized comes to be, I’d sure love it if they use that extra space for sufficient internal bass and get some HDMI inputs on the thing to use as a switch.

  3. John P – try Craigslist as an affordable way into Sonos. Their speakers last forever. The Play1 is also a good $199 entry point and sometimes you can find it on sale. Sounds great like all their products. Good luck!

  4. Headphones! Already have my TV system. I’m all for new Sonos products but have been hoping for Sonos headphones since the gitgo!

  5. Anything on the dimensions? Looks like it’s designed to be placed underneath a TV. Impossible to mount it underneath a wall mounted screen. That would be a strange “soundbar” . Maybe not a Playbar successor. Although I don’t think that they will ever switch to HDMI (Video is nothing they have ever done before)

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