Trick Out Roku With Sideclick Remote

The fine folks at Sideclick have provided two Roku accessories to share with our audience.

As a refresher, Sideclick clips onto your streamer’s remote to provide additional control — think televisions, soundbars, and the like. Beyond Roku, they also offer interchangeable sleds for Fire TV, Apple TV, and the couple dozen Nexus Players out there. It may be a tough sell at its price point, in relation to a streamer’s cost, and it will obviously impact your ergonomics. However, bolting on a simple, effective learning remote, will absolutely be priceless for a significant percent of us … and I’ve been enjoying Sideclick’s capabilities in our bedroom the last few months (especially since Roku’s HDMI-CEC functionality doesn’t actually work in all cases).

If you’d like in, simply leave a comment declaring your interest and we’ll pick two winners over the next couple of days. US residents only, please. (And when you’re done entering this giveaway, why not throw your hat in the ring for two free Intel-powered laptops?)

163 thoughts on “Trick Out Roku With Sideclick Remote”

  1. Been a Roku user for a few years,now. This looks like a real time saver for flicking through flicks…..I want one.

  2. This would be great in my bedroom as well. Trying to find the other remote in the dark can be challenging sometimes.

  3. I would love to give the sideclick a try. It’s always bugged me a little bit that the Roku remote doesn’t control volume.

  4. Yeah. I’d take one.

    But isn’t it a bit of a flaw in the product that it doesn’t enable FilmStruck on the Roku?

    (Also, I think Gene Tascott should be disqualified for poor online etiquette by asserting he was the only commenter when Mike had clearly already commented.)

  5. Dave, please enter me in your drawing. It’s such a P.I.A. to have to use 2 remotes just to watch something!

  6. Ummm.. Chucky , my man, If you look real close you’ll see I was the first and the third commentor, so if Dave had shut down at THAT point, I’d still , at least , have had a 50/50 chance……

  7. Mr. Zatz,

    I would be happy to give that device a good home. Just let me know how you want to transport it to me.



  8. “Ummm.. Chucky , my man, If you look real close you’ll see I was the first and the third commentor, so if Dave had shut down at THAT point, I’d still , at least , have had a 50/50 chance”

    True. But online etiquette is a harsh mistress. Mike had posted long before you asserted you were the only commenter, perhaps as long as 119 seconds earlier. So automatic etiquette disqualification, IMHO.

    (Not that it matters, as I’m going to win the thing since I just want it more, which affects random number generation.)

  9. Buddy Boy, if you pull up the list of comments I am the first of the bunch. I don’t know why you insist otherwise…. Besides, they’re probably gonna put bot of us out in the hall for talking during class!

  10. “Besides, they’re probably gonna put bot of us out in the hall for talking during class!”

    Indeed. Let’s meet outside to duel to the death with plastic sporks.

  11. “You go ahead, Chucky….if I’m not there in hlf an hour, start without me.”

    OK, Gene. It’s been more than half an hour, and you didn’t show. Chickening out of an imaginary duel to the death with plastic sporks is a violation of online etiquette far worse than your previous egregious violation.

    I shall be contacting Tim Berners-Lee to report this, and asking him to use his authority to ban you from the internet.

  12. So, I hate being called a “baby boomer ” but will make an exception here. I should have it since I am likely 3x your age. Respect your elders

  13. I’ve already won twice previously from you years ago so luck is not necessarily on my side :)

    Thanks for doing what you do!

  14. I’d like one of these. I have it on my personal wish list, wonder if one of my close-ones will buy me one or not…

  15. I’ve enjoyed my roku device. I can’t afford cable so i went with the roku.
    I would love to have this device for my t.v. upstairs.
    I just received custody of a little 2yr old.
    Since he’s not related to me,i receive no government help.
    I just got over breast cancer and have very little money.
    Anything would help me.

  16. Go ahead,Chucky, although I should warn you….Tim is my brother in law… He and I and Al Gore set up this internet thing while you were still chasing poon tang beneath the bleachers in 8th grade….Bring it, buddy.

  17. Have had Roku since the XS. In fact, have purchased over 15 of them for friends, file, and self. A SideClock would be great so I don’t have to also look for the TV remote.

  18. Sideclick looks like it would be a great device to go along with the Roku. I have been a Roku user for years now and I have 3 different one’s on all of my TV’s. I would love to try one out so enter me in the drawing.

  19. With three Roamios I’m able to record up to 14 shows at once, but I stillI use my Roku 3 all of the time. NBC doesn’t broadcast all of the English Premier League football (soccer to us Americans) matches, but all of the matches stream live and as replays on the NBC Sports app. The Roku is absolutely the best device for this. I wold love to win the Sidekick and/or a laptop if I am one of the lucky ones.

  20. I have a Roku 3 and have gifted a couple more to friends so they could enjoy them as well. I would love to have the Side click remote!!

  21. Hay guys I am a new cord cutter and look into finding new ways to save cash I stumbled across an article on my feed you are my new source for info and you have a given way please consider me for the Roku and laptop and put me on the mailing lists !!

  22. Wow. I’ve been waiting for Roku to fix that little piece of plastic for years and it took a third party to do it sigh. Would love to get my hands on it!

  23. Sideclick is a great product and a game changer. One remote to rule them all. And it uses the devices actual remote so no trying to make it work. It just does. Would love one for another room.

  24. Gee, I often use the Roku app on my phone, so I guess I will glue this thing to the side of it when I win.

  25. I’ve got a Hd roku the 1st one beta testing been longtime rokuer ,,,unfortunately can’t afford to update since early 2000 …wouldn’t know what too do without it…didn’t come with earplugs and vocal control… That’s swEET… I’D LOVE THE NEW ONE. TYTYTYTYTYTY

  26. Great little add-on. I did Sling on Roku for a year then went back to CLink Prism TV for a few months on a trial. I’m fixing to cancel Prism and go back to cord cutting for good and this little innovation would be part of my setup going forward. That was one thing cable had over my Roku setup was the universal remote. Anyway, Thanks for considering me

  27. Hey, I’m an older woman and love learning about new technology and devices and what they do and how to use them. This is one device I would love to learn more about and what neat things it can do!! Thanks to all the tech people that keep coming up with new and innovative devices!! It’s fun!!

  28. Not gonna lie, I’d be pretty ecstatic to win something for once in my life! I just got onboard the whole smart TV generation a few months back and this would be a pretty awesome addition to my Roku remote!! Either way Happy Holidays and congratulations to whoever gets it!

  29. Put me down for one of these! I love my Roku 4. I have 3 of them at home and have given several more as gifts to friends and family. Been using Roku devices for more then 10 years. They just keep getting better and better. Who needs cable? Not me. Put me down for a laptop, too while you’re at it. Thanks!!!

  30. Been a cord cutter for a year now and would love to add this amazing accessory to our bedroom Roku streaming stick set-up! Please and Thank You!!

  31. Moving in two weeks. Plan on getting a Roku . No more $170. Monthly pmts. I am in my late 70’s but sounds like something I would like.

  32. That would be fantastic! Especially since I lost the remote to my 9-year-old Sony XBR TV. I think I would teach the Sideclick with the IR blaster app on my phone if I win it.

  33. This would be so awesome, so tired of having to deal with three remotes while watching TV in our bed. Please consider picking me.

  34. I would like one please !!!!I got one for my slingtv for signing up and would love to have one on my other tv can’t afford another one right now

  35. Well OF COURSE THIS CHICK IS INTERESTED! In WINNING ONLY, please. Lol. Hey, good luck to all, and have a great holiday season!!

  36. I’ve been a Roku user since 2010 (my XD/S and XS are still working great). I’d love to try them out with a Sideclick!

  37. Oh, pick me, pick me!! Having only one remote to keep track of instead of two would make my life a bit easier! !

  38. Wow, I never knew that such a thing existed. Your website is so informative thank you for all your hard work.

  39. Hello! Well, after trying out the streaming world with a Chromecast last year (Gen 2), this year, I wanted to see it from the Roku side. I have a TCL Roku TV, also earned last year (I won out at our office Christmas party). Due to so many great Roku combo promotions, I have ended up with 3 Roku devices… a Roku Express (with 4 months of Hulu, which became a year, when they sent me a broken Roku…Eep!), a Roku Express+, needed for an older RCA Console TV (built to last, people)… and, a Roku Stick, courtesy of SlingTV! And that’s how you get Roku’d!! BUT…. this is the first I have seen and/or heard of this device! After reading of it, and what it can do for me, I would very much like to have it as an addition to my Roku ‘collection’. Personally, I would like to try it out on my Roku TV controller, and see if it works there. That, and I am a little bumped that I don’t have numeric buttons to access a channel quickly. Please consider me, and, if nothing else, I hope you have enjoyed my tale, of my endeavor to obtain a Rokub device, with extremely happy end results. ?

  40. If anyone should deserve this more than me then it would be my alter ego because it’s almost as deserving as me and so I say pick me so my alter ego can get jealous and envy me for having it.

  41. Chucky and Gene are the big winners. Other than their attempts to game the “system” I enjoyed the banter and they put in more effort than most. Congrats!

    For everyone else, you can purchase a Sideclick here and the Intel-powered laptop giveaway is still in effect — I think your odds of winning are fairly high. Watch the video linked here to submit an entry (by 12/28). Good luck!

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