Hulu Adds User Profiles & 4K Content

Dave Zatz —  December 12, 2016

Hulu, the best DVR-replacing streaming service ups their game this month, with the addition of user profiles and 4K streaming.

As you might expect at launch, 4K streaming is restricted to a limited number of titles (originals, Bond films) and platforms (Xbox One S, PS4 Pro). However, unexpectedly, there’s no additional fee for the increased visual clarity — as opposed to Netflix’s UHD tier. Also unexpectedly, there remains no confirmation that Hulu provides 5.1 surround sound.

On the profile front, Engadet indicates the feature is rolling out in phases, beginning with a limited number of customers accessing Hulu via web site. As to capabilities,

When a viewer creates a profile, they will be taken through a taste picking experience where they will be able to tell us the types of shows and movies they like, and the types of shows and movies they don’t like. This will help us ensure that each profile surfaces recommendations and content that is distinctly personal to each viewer. Each individual profile will have its own name, personal info, viewing history, recommendations and Watchlist. There will also be a new Kids profile type, which will allow our young viewers to browse content within the Kids Hub freely, without having to worry about running into mature content.

6 responses to Hulu Adds User Profiles & 4K Content

  1. Really, UHD and still only stero sound.

  2. I’ve been a user since years before it was a premium service and will probably be for a long time yet however if they manage to go 4K before upgrading the audio from stereo there’s going to be some cranky folks. It’s too funny.

  3. “Hulu, the best DVR-replacing streaming service ups their game this month”

    Inexplicable that you’d ignore FilmStruck, Dave, given that it’s America’s most popular streaming service, both for folks with and without DVR’s.

  4. James Bond: “Did you expect me to be in 5.1 surround sound, Goldfinger?”
    Goldfinger: “No, Mr. Bond. I expect you to be in stereo.”

  5. Been a member since 06. I refuse to pay cable prices. Very seldom watch regular TV. Thanks Hulu.

  6. UHD and stereo sound? The Sony Ultra app is also only stereo. But it does have UHD HDR content. I’ll still take it’s UHD HDR stereo content(or Hulu stereo UHD content) over 5.1 1080P content any day. Since with post processing it will do a decent job of creating a 5.1/7.1 sound field with the stereo track.