Cyber Monday Deals Worth Your Time

Dave Zatz —  November 28, 2016


Google Chromecast ($25, three months of HBO NOW)
Chromecast isn’t my thing. But I’m old and require a physical remote. However, this is a good deal on a generally practical solution to get app content onto a television, controlled by smartphone. Considering HBO NOW runs $15 a month and you get three free, this is a pretty stellar deal.


Sonos Play:1 ($150, includes 3-months of Apple Music)
Sonos is my preferred whole-home music system and the Play:1 both looks great and sounds great. At $150, it’s priced similar to many well regarded Bluetooth speakers but its WiFi connectivity is infinitely more practical (assuming you run a supported service, which you probably do). Apple’s sweetening the deal with three months of Apple Music.



Amazon Streaming Stick ($30)
A great deal on a great streamer and this version features massively improved performance over its predecessor. Bonus: Unlike Roku’s equivalent product, Amazon bundles their Alexa-powered voice control remote.


Amazon Echo Dot ($40)
Speaking of Alexa, the Echo Dot voice assistant is still on sale for 40 bucks with seemingly plentiful inventory (as opposed to the routinely unavailable first gen edition)… and I picked up three. The audio isn’t as full-bodied as the full-sized Echo, but it gets surprisingly loud and is plenty suitable for background music or news (CNN via TuneIn) in the kitchen – where I placed one of ours.



Xbox One S 1TB ($255)
While most of us picked up the 500GB Xbox One S for $250, here’s an opportunity for Amazon Prime members to score the 1TB version for just $5 more. Beyond the larger drive, Microsoft also packs in the vertical stand – which retails for $20 and is something I would have appreciated when rejoining the fold over the weekend. Bonus: The World War I shooter Battlefield 1 is included (which I immediately traded into GameStop for $32.50 and bought Overwatch for $35).


Ecobee3 Smart Thermostat ($175)
My preferred smart thermostat, by far, is $50 off … which is a pretty solid deal, in and of itself. However, by using Visa Checkout, you knock another $25 off, shipped free. And need I remind you ebates will provide another percent or two cash back.



Acer 13″ Chromebook ($130)
Skip the cheapie tablet and get this decent Chromebook at a steep discount. Unlike many inexpensive laptops like this, the Acer features a 1080p display. Sadly, the deal only applies to the 2GB memory model… but I bought one anyway.


Nest Cam ($128)
Nest may not be my favorite thermostat, but I’d certainly recommend the highly regarded Nest cam for indoor use should you have generous (or no) broadband caps and are prepared for the monthly fee.


Kindle Voyage ($119)
By way of a camelcamelcamel alert, I learned the premium (but refurb) Kindle Voyage is down to its lowest price ever at $119, the same price as the Kindle White… but far more luxurious and pseudo physical page turn nubs. And I’m contemplating an upgrade.


eero 3-pack ($399)
Mesh networking is all the rage this year as we collectively improve our home WiFi coverage and performance. eero isn’t cheap, but they were one of the first of the new wave and continue to add features. I’ve been quite satisfied with its performance and have actually been able to decommission some Powerline adapters given the extra Ethernet ports I now have scattered about the house.



Moto G Smartphone ($130)
Broke your smartphone and waiting for you contract to renew or new something for the kids? This well-reviewed basic Android smartphone is a great value for Amazon Prime members that’s compatible with all US carriers.

6 responses to Cyber Monday Deals Worth Your Time

  1. You have to move fast on some of these. PS Amazon is still offering $10 off a purchase of at least $20 if you order a ‘best deal’ via Alexa. For example, I got my third Dot of the weekend by ordering it from my Echo. Details here:

  2. I just came across this deal for the LIFX wifi-enabled/mesh network bulbs. You have to buy 6, but at $16.50/each, it’s the lowest price I have seen on these. And they work with Alexa.

  3. Target’s 15% off everything today gets some good deals, especially if you have a Red Card (another 5%). For example, that Xbox One S 1Tb is only $239 from Target with the additional Red Card discount. It’s slightly cheaper than Amazon still without the Red Card (like a buck cheaper).

  4. Peter, Was always interested in LIFX, especially since they’re higher lumens than Hue.

    Dr_LHA, yeah I tweeted the Target 15% off — it’s real good and I do have a RED card. Wondering what else I need to buy. :)

  5. While you do need a separate device to use a Chromecast, you can often use your TV’s remote to control basic pause and play functions on a video once you’ve begun casting it, thanks to HDMI-CEC. That’s a pretty great deal at $25 with three free months of HBO Now (which can also be used on other streaming devices). Free shipping and no tax too. Think I’ll snap one up, if for no other reason that to be able to cast Google Photos from my Android phone and tablet to the TV.

  6. I am all about Chromebooks and yes sadly this deal only applies to the two gigabyte , the least amount of memory I would ever get is 4 gigabytes. However this Chromebook integrates perfectly with a Chromecast. So make this Chromebook dedicated to the TV with the Chromecast then that will be the perfect remote control / casting device.