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Philips Adds Motion Sensor To Hue Lighting Ecosystem

Good news, folks! Motion sensing triggers will soon be available to further trick out our Philips Hue lighting installations, without complicating matters with yet another hub and ecosystem — like Smartthings. From the FCC submission, we glean the Philips Hue Motion Sensor (with ambient light sensor) is both battery-powered and Zigbee-endowed. While we’d typically expect an accessory like this to be fueled by a watch battery, an overseas retailer Alza indicates a pair of common AAA batteries will be required — conceivably reinforcing what looks to be a 2×2″ profile. Further, the description indicates a 100 degree field of view over 5 meters. And, if we use their pricing as a guide, we should expect the Hue Motion Sensor to land somewhere in the $40-60 range when it hits within the next few weeks.

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  • Well, my first use case would probably go something like this: Sit a motion detector on my garage shelving. When it detects motion, turn on the two overhead bulbs (which I'd need to buy). Hopefully I could then set a timer - 10 minutes after motion last detected, turn off. My second scenario would probably be a security light for my deck. Right now when my Arlo cam detects motion, it should trigger a WeMo bulb to turn on which then turns off ten minutes after motion (all via IFTTT) -- unfortunately WeMo is junk and the trigger barely fires.

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