Fitbit iPhone Dashboard Updated (for my new Alta)


As with streamers and home automation gadgetry, I’m a frequent flipper when it comes to activity trackers – often vacillating in the features I want and motivation or actionable intelligence I find from such things. And, having recently checked out the Garmin Vivofit 3 ($100), I decided to go with the Fitbit Alta ($130) for my next wearable.

On paper, Garmin’s offering is superior given its waterproofing and months-long battery life. I also liked the idea of having a single app to track my weekly swimming along with the more passive daily step count. Not to mention Garmin’s app is more visually rich. But, after seeing the tracker person, I wasn’t sure I’d be comfortable wearing it in all settings and many Amazon reviews have surfaced some performance issues. Whereas, Alta feedback has generally been more positive and is Fitbit’s most refined band to date. The online imagery doesn’t do it justice — it’s significantly better looking and feeling than, say, the Fitbit Charge (that I previously owned). So, yes, I’m willing to pay a premium for good looks (assuming the requisite functionality is also present, which it is). My only minor complaint after a few days of usage is that the Alta screen can be hard to read in bright sunlight.

Now about the app. The same week my Alta arrived, Fitbit released their new graphically rich iOS Dashboard in “preview” form. It’s headlined by a “Daily Stats Tile” with smaller tiles below, such as water consumption and sleep tracking, that can be added, removed, or re-ordered to your liking. While the routine stats and circular meters are reliable, the updated interface is definitely still in beta as my hourly step goal and weight haven’t successfully migrated. (Given the new baby and unpredictable routine, I’m OK not looking at my Aria-recorded weight.) If you’d also like to give it go, head to the Advanced Settings to enable the Dashboard Preview.

7 thoughts on “Fitbit iPhone Dashboard Updated (for my new Alta)”

  1. I’ve never used the wrist versions of the Fitbits, but I’ve been very pleased with my Fitbits over the last six years of use. I guess if the Apple phone app got updated does that mean the Android app will also be updated?

  2. I do see where the Fitbit Android app was last updated on May 25th. But from a cursory look, everything looks the same as before to me.

  3. We got my mom and mother-in-law the clip-on versions a couple years back. One of them is still using it. ;) (No, I didn’t friend either of them.)

  4. I’ve never worried too much about accuracy and haven’t tested it for that. I’m satisfied as long as it motivates me to do more and it’s clear when I have. The only time I’ve really been pissed is went I went thru a few airports with a Fitbit Charge on my left hand… while pushing a wheeled piece of luggage with that arm. It was like I hardly moved at all, although I probably did two miles. Ha?

  5. In the six years I’ve been using Fitbits, the step count is very accurate. But the step count is also dependent on you entering the correct distance for your pace. I periodically check my fitbit by walking a measured mile on a track at a school near me. It has always been accurate to within .05 miles for each mile walked.

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