Fitbit Poised To Refresh Flex and Charge?

fitbit-logoBy way of the USPTO, we learn that Fitbit has applied for Fitbit Charge 2 and Fitbit Flex 2 trademark protection. So, while Fitbit has beefed up the top end of their fitness tracking line with Alta band and Blaze watch additions this year, it appears they also plan 2016 revisions to their lower and mid-end wearables.

As to potential improvements, Fitbit could conceivably up its plastics game – while effective as a fitness tracker, I’ve always found the bands a bit cheapy – in appearance, feeling, and durability. Further, the charging ports could use some work even if battery life cannot be extended. Although increased time between charges would be a nice-to-have, as well. For me personally, I’d like to see the vibrating activity alerts of Alta make its way down to other devices. What’s on your wish list?

10 thoughts on “Fitbit Poised To Refresh Flex and Charge?”

  1. You’re right on that point … Fitbit’s are definitely not very aesthetically attractive. Apple needs to acquire this company and give their product a makeover.

  2. I first bought a Fitbit in Spring 2010 and then the one in 2011 that could record walking up stairs. And was renamed to the Fitbit Classic. It’s around 5 years old now and still lasts 12 to 14 days on a charge. Although recently I broke the holder clip again. WHich I’ve done many times over the last six years. Only this time I could not buy the holders from Fitbit or ebay like before.

    So I decided to get the Fitbit One. WHich is smaller than the Classic but can connect over BT which is nice. But I only seem to get around 7 days on a charge. At least that is how long it lasted the first week. I’m near finishing my second week with the Fitbit One. The unit overall is better but I don’t like the shorter battery life.

    I’m not a fan of the newest Fitbits because I don’t liek wearing something around my wrist. I wore a watch throughout the entire 70’s, 80’s and 90’s but stopped wearing them around the turn of the century. So those Fitbits like watches or wrist bands I don’t want to use. So unfortunately I have no desire for the Charge 2 or Flex 2.

  3. I have successfully destroyed 3 Fitbit Charges. It bugs me how quick they are to fall apart. They are really good about sending you a new one but still . .

  4. aaronwt, we got my mom and mother-in-law the clip on variety, knowing their stylistic preferences and that particular model currently uses a watch battery – so it’s good for several months, no weekly charging at all.

  5. I see it. It’s the Fitbit Zip. But it doesn’t record the floors climbed so I’ll need to stick with my Fitbit One. Thanks.

  6. I had a couple of Charges and never got reliable floor counting results, so the feature hasn’t been very important to me.

  7. Better yet, I’d love a variant of the Charge HR that I can integrate into an existing watch band (Citizen Eco-Drive with a stainless steel band, in my particular case).

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