Second Gen Amazon Dash Button Brings Bluetooth

Amazon has passed what looks to be a second generation Dash button thru the FCC — based on filing approach, device profile, and model number. But, given the very limited information, the only obvious enhancement is Bluetooth LE joining the existing 802.11 WiFi variants, potentially allowing smartphone or home automation interaction beyond what’s currently available in merely reordering supplies via wireless. Alexa-like integration would be cool…


As to other upcoming Amazon reveals: I’m also currently tracking what’s either a new Fire tablet or Kindle e-reader or, alternately, an existing device of that sort headed to new markets. Stay tuned.

7 thoughts on “Second Gen Amazon Dash Button Brings Bluetooth”

  1. I hope it’s not a new Kindle e-reader. I have the Voyage, and it’s so small, has such a great screen and such a long lasting battery I really don’t need to upgrade. But somehow I’ll end up buying it anyway. So as I said, I hope it’s not a new e-reader. :)

  2. I’m impressed the cheapo fire. I use it at work foe music. The sd card has my entire collection of music less the cloud purchases. Not bad for $35!

    At home I use another fire tablet to send prime music to my receiver. Why Alexa can’t do that for me is a mystery…

  3. OFF-TOPIC, but I thought I should share my (bizarrely belated) discovery of something quite useful with the good readers of ZNF!

    1 foot extension cords eliminate wall warts to give you more space on your power strip or wall outlet. Don’t know why I didn’t think of this before, but it’s really helped.

  4. @chucky yes they are. I replaced my power strips with one that has a cluster of outlets and 4 on the corners for wall warts, plus usb power. If it didn’t have a bright led that is on all the time it would be perfect.

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