Deal of the Day: $30 off Apple TV

Dave Zatz —  December 26, 2015

While it may be a few years before we once again “watch TV”, my new blessed reality clearly hasn’t slowed me from acquiring gadgets. So, although I missed out on Target’s limited Black Friday inventory, I just ordered Apple TV on sale from… RadioShack’s zombie corpse. This $120 deal drops $30 off MSRP and bundles an HDMI cable of unknown length and provenance.


Of course, what sets the new Apple TV apart from its predecessors is a full-fledged and open (vs curated) app store along with a premium touch sensitive remote that also sports Siri voice control. Apple offers both 32GB and 64GB models, but the extra space doesn’t yet seem useful and the 32GB is probably suitable for most… for now. The Roku 2 (2015) is still the streamer I most frequently recommend given the broad app selection, simple but efficient interface, at a very attractive price point ($60-70). However, until or unless Roku migrates their platform to Android, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV offerings will potentially be richer and more capable.

(Thanks Bryan A!)

9 responses to Deal of the Day: $30 off Apple TV

  1. We watched the first episode of Fargo S2… in two sittings. Bingeing is going to look different. :)

  2. This is how Apple gets you. When you’re sleep deprived and punch-drunk, all kinds of weird and non-sensical things appear attractive. Next you’ll decide an iPad Pro can fully replace a laptop.

    Also, some bad news: apparently a mysterious holding corporation, (reportedly a front-organization for Sheldon Adelson), has purchased your daughter in order to train her to discredit various Nevada judges. You really should have read that EULA you signed at the Venetian more closely…

  3. Also, have you considered intensively training your newborn to binge-watch? Could make parenting far easier.

    (Starting her out with Hannibal sure seems counter-intuitive, but it could well have a vaccination effect.)

  4. “Moved one of my satellite ecobee sensors to the Nest floor to prove the hallway Nest doesn’t really know the temp of the family room.”

    See. I knew you’d find some useless tasks to occupy yourself during your long, lazy, vacation from work.

    Now get back to wasting all that free time with binge-watching.

  5. Now that you’ve hopped on the ATV4 bandwagon, find me a 3rd-party remote that doesn’t suck! The ATV4 remote is a mess. In the dark, there is no obvious top/bottom. The clicky touchscreen doesn’t scroll well and sometimes is way too sensistive, other times ignores you.
    Is there a Harmony that works well with it?

  6. I bought 32gb ATV from RadioShack store for $99.99 ($50 off). I don’t need their $20 HDMI cable.

  7. Radio Shack now has a new offer for IN STORE ONLY as @Neil P mentions. @Dave Just finished Fargo 2nd season a week ago and as good as the 1st season was this might even be better.

    Apple® TV Next Generation – 32GB (In Store Only)
    Catalog #: 1603104
    Compare at: $149.99
    This product is out of stock online. To see if it’s available at a store near you, please click the Find In Store button.

  8. “Now that you’ve hopped on the ATV4 bandwagon, find me a 3rd-party remote that doesn’t suck!”

    Folks seem to prefer the previous gen remote.

    “Is there a Harmony that works well with it?”

    It’s still IR. So go wild.

  9. They’re obviously doing this to lure customers back… However, the remaining stores with inventory are not convenient to me. Wonder if Best Buy would price match? In any event, my order is in and I don’t see any way to cancel. Further, I was able to pay with PayPal – which is like fake money. :)