TiVo Lands Cox On Demand

While much is gained in “going TiVo” most lose access to their cable providers large library of On Demand content. Despite the cableco often crippling transport controls in such a way that we’re forced to view commercials, On Demand provides all sorts of good stuff we may not have known to DVR. Not to mention, many with children seem to swear by this catalog.


So it’s pretty significant when a large cable provider strikes a deal with TiVo to bring On Demand to a retail-purchased DVR. Comcast led the way and now Cox has similarly implemented a back channel method of serving up video on demand … as we had foretold and to the tune of 18,000 titles. Initial Cox markets to receive On Demand via TiVo are located in southern California and Las Vegas, with all of Cox expected to be covered by the end of the year — a current list of cities and zip codes can be found here.

9 thoughts on “TiVo Lands Cox On Demand”

  1. Well that’s good news, but I’m TW. Lets hope they do the same.

    I’m about 13 months into the Tivi experience and I can’t believe how much has been added since I bought it. You forget how closed it was. Last night a friend casted to the tivo from his phone. It was so easy, I almost didn’t understand how it happened…

  2. Reporting in from Vegas, no on-demand icon for me yet. If it’s because I have Cox Business internet instead of Residential service I’m going to be really pissed off.

  3. Roll-out to those zips may not be complete. But it wouldn’t surprise me if you had an issue with the business plan. I had a pal with Comcast business who had all sorts of issues with his TV service in relation to his non-residential Internet at a residential location.

  4. Is there a software version that contains the update?

    As one of the original Series 1 “Cox TiVo Beta Testers”, IT’S ABOUT TIME!

  5. I’m waiting for TiVo and Verizon annouce that TiVo will have Verizon on demand. Should be sometime around the year NEVER.

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