Sonos Trueplay Tunes Speakers (via smartphone mic)

As we continue to examine the updated Sonos Android app that revealed the upcoming touch-sensitive, second generation Play:5 connected speaker, we’ve learned that Sonos looks to further improve audio quality by listening to room acoustics – as we often see with home theater receivers. This new feature, called Trueplay, uses the mic on your mobile device to analyze acoustic performance in a given space. Presumably units with more speakers can be fine tuned to overcome positioning obstacles while units with fewer speakers might elicit suggestions to move it to another location.

There are multiple references to using the internal Android’s microphone for walking and waving as the analysis is conducted. Further, within the Android app code, there’s even reference to using an iPad microphone, so iOS support is clearly on the docket. Given some of the wording, I also wonder if newer Sonos models like the ZPS6 could even include their own mics. And while self tuning is great, the potential for Echo-esque voice control is absolutely stellar. Make it so!

Sound That Is Right For Your Room
Trueplay tuning takes about 3 minutes, and uses your %1$s microphone.
It’s important to retune your %1$s for its new location. Trueplay tuning takes about 3 minutes, and uses your %2$s microphone.

About Trueplay Tuning
Your room and the objects in it can distort sound and your music.
Trueplay corrects for room distortion and adapts your speaker’s sound for where you’ve placed it.

Perform the tuning technique
You’ll have 45 seconds to move in this room while a test sound plays.
Keep waving and walking until the test sound stops.

(Thanks Fran!)

8 thoughts on “Sonos Trueplay Tunes Speakers (via smartphone mic)”

  1. Trueplay has been in the latest beta for a few weeks now. Pretty much anyone can sign up and try it out.

    I noticed some improvement, but nothing earth-shatteringly better. Seemed to work better in my bathroom compared to a more open room.

  2. Jeff, which model speaker(s) have you tried it with? Are the video tutorial references in the app actually live in the app or on the web? I couldn’t find them…

    Anon, I didn’t know the beta details until this guy posted in the public forum saying the NDA didn’t apply to him. Then I started Googling and the APK turned up. :)

  3. I don’t want Echo integration, I unloaded my units. However, Sonos voice control would be cool. If they’re already using that smartphone/tablet mic for something…

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