PS4 To Finally Get A Respectable Remote


Sony is set to correct a massive PS4 shortcoming with a full-featured universal remote. Not only does it utilize Bluetooth for console control, but IR is included to operate your TV and soundbar – or whatever else, given its four device capabilities. I’ll go ahead and make a few assumptions that core apps, such as Netflix and Playstation Vue, will be natively supported and that those unlabeled multicolored buttons are programmable (to create shortcuts to, say, launch that aforementioned Netflix). Of course, the comparatively svelte PS4 will now need a tuner accessory and DVR capabilities like Xbox One. ;) Whereas I’d expect something like this to run something like $50, Best Buy has it up for pre-order at $30 with an anticipated October 12th delivery (while Amazon has it shipping October 27th).

4 thoughts on “PS4 To Finally Get A Respectable Remote”

  1. I wouldn’t use the PS4 as a BD player though. The BD transport is very loud(at least the version sold since launch), and it is slower loading and navigating BDs than my Sony BDP- S6500 stand alone BD players are. I was surprised at how slow the PS4 was.

  2. I’ve never known the 4 multi color button to be programmable. They exist on nearly every remote I’ve had in the past 10 years (PS3, Google TV, Roamio) and always seem to perform specific functions within software/movies. Never programmable at an OS level.

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