Next Amazon Fire Tablet To Feature microSD?

By way the FCC, I have a sneaking suspicion that Amazon is set to unveil a new Fire tablet. And, unlike prior models, this mystery device (SG98EG, 2ADU6-8274) lists microSD support. Whether or not the storage expansion slot can only be accessed during engineering testing and if this is really an Amazon product remain to be seen. But please enjoy this bit of gibberish (aka Jib Wresh LLC) while we await unveiling of the “Tablet PC” … and hopefully another Fire TV or two.


12 thoughts on “Next Amazon Fire Tablet To Feature microSD?”

  1. Not to quibble with your generally accurate sleuthing, but to my eye, obviously an Amazon Fire floppy disc slot. (Or maybe a SCSI port. I do want to keep my options open.)

  2. “Chucky you have it all wrong its a Jazz drive slot”

    That’s just silly.

    The first gen Amazon Fire indeed had a Jaz drive slot, as we all know. But complaints about the “click of death” compelled Amazon to nix the slot.

    The odds of them now bringing it back now seem nil. Floppies are far more reliable and compatible.

  3. The odds of them now bringing it back now seem nil. Floppies are far more reliable and compatible.

    Yes but won’t someone think about the storage!

  4. Y’know, Dave, the Social Media Amendment to DMCA of 2009 clearly states that you must include a h/t for scoops posted on Twitter. I’ve been pretty patient with you on this so far, cuz I really don’t want to be responsible for getting you sent to Guantanamo. It would weigh on my conscience for days. But even patient folks have limits…

  5. “I do appreciate your contributions … and will continue to unblock you in Akistmet as recompense. ;)”

    A very reasonable starting point for negotiations. I’ll have the legal team of Chucky World Industries send you over a proposed contract.

    (Note that there will a mandatory clause requiring you to post a YouTube video of yourself sitting in a lotus position and chanting “Chucky is King of all consumer media commentary” over and over for an hour.)

  6. Just got inside info that the Sept 9th Apple announcement will be entirely about the introduction of microSD support for all Apple products.

    (Feel free to use this, Dave, even while our respective legal departments are still working out final terms.)

  7. It wouldn’t be a surprise with the Fire Phone. It was already outdated by several years on it’s launch day.

  8. I don’t think I could go back to the super slow speeds of micro SD on my cell phone after having the super fast speeds on my Samsung S6 with it’s built in storage.

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