The PS4 Afterglow Wireless Headset Giveaway

A former colleague shipped me his company’s highly regarded Playstation 4 Afterglow wireless headset to check out. Unfortunately, as an owner of the far superior Xbox One (heh heh), I’m unable to partake – and we decided to share the love.

From the (after)glowing review on KSTP:

PDP’s Afterglow wireless headset for the PS4 is awesome. I liked everything about it. […] The first thing I noticed when I put on the headset was that it was very comfortable. […] At the end of the left speaker is a flexible noise cancelling microphone. I used this a lot when I was playing with my friends and they said that they could hear me perfectly and there wasn’t any distortion. […] The audio sounds amazing.

So if you’re in need of a PS4 headset upgrade, this giveaway is for you. Simply leave a comment declaring your interest and we’ll pick a winner at random in the next couple days. US residents only, please.

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  • I've literally spent the last three days researching which wireless PS4 headphones to buy. Hopefully your RNG algorithm has a sympathy quotient.

  • Would gladly take those off your hands. I've got an old pair of Turtle Beach that I use on my Xbox one bit would love to try these on my PS4.

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Dave Zatz