The PS4 Afterglow Wireless Headset Giveaway


A former colleague shipped me his company’s highly regarded Playstation 4 Afterglow wireless headset to check out. Unfortunately, as an owner of the far superior Xbox One (heh heh), I’m unable to partake – and we decided to share the love.

From the (after)glowing review on KSTP:

PDP’s Afterglow wireless headset for the PS4 is awesome. I liked everything about it. […] The first thing I noticed when I put on the headset was that it was very comfortable. […] At the end of the left speaker is a flexible noise cancelling microphone. I used this a lot when I was playing with my friends and they said that they could hear me perfectly and there wasn’t any distortion. […] The audio sounds amazing.

So if you’re in need of a PS4 headset upgrade, this giveaway is for you. Simply leave a comment declaring your interest and we’ll pick a winner at random in the next couple days. US residents only, please.

66 thoughts on “The PS4 Afterglow Wireless Headset Giveaway”

  1. I’ve literally spent the last three days researching which wireless PS4 headphones to buy. Hopefully your RNG algorithm has a sympathy quotient.

  2. Would gladly take those off your hands. I’ve got an old pair of Turtle Beach that I use on my Xbox one bit would love to try these on my PS4.

  3. How do these compare to the Sony Gold wireless headset? Looks like similar dongle and other than the glow aspect… Maybe the battery life is better (hopefully). It looks intrguiing

  4. I happen to own a PS4, and a nice set of headphones would be nice even if it’s only to drown out my kids while I play.

  5. I have absolutely zero interest in these. Hoping you are vulnerable to reverse psychology.

  6. Was looking to get the anniversary Sony gold headset (the limited edition white one looks so much better but it is expensive as hell because it was limited I didn’t need a headset at the time). But this headset looks bad as f**k. Hope I win.

  7. Great Website, I find it very informative. With 4 kids and two TV’s would love to have these (so would my neighbors) headphones to help keep sound levels down.

  8. i still use the headset that comes with the ps4. I would love the chance to use this

  9. Seriously, I saw this and was like “whoa” great giveaway! got my fingers crossed ;)

  10. If its still open i’m interested, just waiting for H-Hour on PS4 and with this headset i’m sure it will be dope.

  11. According to, Jon H is our big winner! Thanks for playing, perhaps we’ll do another giveaway soon.

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