Slingbox M2 En Route

By way of some updated product pages Sling Media prematurely published and then pulled, but fortunately cached by Google, we see a Slingbox M2 is on the way. Like every Slingbox, the OG and still most liberating TV Everywhere solution, the M2 is designed to beam your television content both around the home and beyond to computers, set-tops, and mobiles. The obvious successor to the wireless 1080p Slingbox M1, which we quite liked … until the ad blitz, the M2 appears to clock in at the same $150 MSRP. Beyond the name, I wasn’t able to glean much from the limited description and will just go ahead an assume Echostar’s goal here is to reduce the company’s hardware expenses while improving the end-user experience. But how much demand will there be given the vast number of competitive streaming options out there, that possibly cover many people’s needs much of the time?


Slingbox® M2
It’s like having an entourage of entertainment
There’s nothing we like more on a rainy day than curling up on the couch with a blanket and the remote. But when the sun resurfaces, so do we. That doesn’t mean we should miss out on live TV; that just means we hook up the Slingbox M2. Shows and channels follow us to the beach, the slopes, or the lake on our iPhone, Android, tablet or laptop. So remember: SPF30 & M2.


6 thoughts on “Slingbox M2 En Route”

  1. I would buy it if i could use it with a cable card.
    why doesn’t slingbox make a tivo competitor, or a sling box set top box with 2 tuners?

  2. It depends upon how many people find the MVPD provided (and TiVo Stream) streaming options limitations unacceptably limiting. We are all excited when our providers and TiVo start giving us their form of streaming, especially from remote locations. Then comes the “Doh!” moments, when it won’t ALLOW us to view what want and/or how we want. That’s when Sling starts to look really good, if people know of its existence.

    As one example: as good as DishEverwhere is with, perhaps, the lest limiting of all MVPD provided streaming options, especially watching ALL your content on your DVR, it still won’t see the external HDD connected to the DVR that has content on it. However, Slingbox IS an experience just like at home and one can easily access the external HDD and play or transfer to or from it JUST LIKE AT HOME. Slingbox easily the most like at home experience with NO LIMITATIONS other than what you would experience at home. One flaw is that while it is Slinging, the STB at home can NOT be used without interfering with the Sling experience. The one think MVPD’s can offer is no interruption of use at home by some house member needing the STB to view locally.

    But, I agree with your sentiments, Dave. Echostar needs to do some serious big-time advertising to let people know what the difference is and what Sling can offer that the MVPD provided streaming offers. So, let’s all hope Sling stays around for a good long time.

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