Echostar AirTV Looks A Lot Like Miracast

Another day, another interesting trademark to mull over. And like TiVo Bolt, we don’t have much to go on here with Echostar AirTV.

Computer hardware and software for streaming audio and video content to a variety of network devices, namely, personal computers, mobile phones, tablet computers and stand-alone hardware decoders

So it sounds a lot like Miracast screensharing, versus Chromecast beam and control. Could this be something offered by sister company DISH Network or might there be some interplay here with Echostar’s very own Sling Media Slinbox group? Hm.

4 thoughts on “Echostar AirTV Looks A Lot Like Miracast”

  1. I still can’t believe there is no Mac solution short of AppleTV. I’d love to beam to my Fire TV. Someone just needs to make a Miracast transmitter (Amazon sells one now) WITH Mac drivers (not yet).

  2. Dave, Dish dropped the “Network” from its moniker YEARS ago. It has been officially been, “Dish”, for quite some time. And I held you in such high esteem :). It probably cost them millions for the idea from some big marketing firm just to drop the “Network” moniker. It was one of Joe Clayton’s first changes at day one at “Dish”. The also got rid of the circler/orbit around the word “Dish.” This still can’t top when NBC paid millions to a marketing firm for the big “N” logo, but an NBC affiliate had virtually the same logo and only paid thousands for it. :).

    OK, back on topic: This sounds like it might be Dish’s version of DirecTV’s similar coming tech that will allow one to mirror their current content on any screen of device in the house. Echostar may decide to use such tech in its own products, such as Sling, or even provide it agnosticly to any company willing to license it, as it does it Sling tech.

  3. “Dish dropped the “Network” from its moniker YEARS ago. It has been officially been, “Dish”, for quite some time.”

    ACTUALLY, “DISH” is a marketing strategy whereas DISH Network is the name of the corporation – check out any SEC filing or press release. ;)

  4. No offense intended. I thought it was funny bit of marketing. Yes, well aware of their corporate and stock listing. However, I was referring to the “moniker” or publicly branded name of Dish which cost them MILLIONS. I found that pretty funny. I put smiley faces so you would know I was a joking with you. Next time, I shall try to be more obvious if I attempt humor.

    FWIW, there is no Dish “Network” service or brand any longer; it really is Dish. So, now we know when we speak of the DBS service or the corporation. Maybe that is why they spend millions dropping the “Network” moniker, so they can make it easier for us :).

    Laughs, Dave, laughs.

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