A Trio of Amazon Fire TV Updates

As we borrow Mom’s ESPN account to catch the Wimbledon final on Fire TV


Amazon looks beyond existing Miracast capabilities for something other than Google Cast. 
“Fling” will let you send video, audio and still images from an Android or iOS device to the set-top box for viewing. Devs can also employ “two-way communication” between the Fire TV and a phone or tablet to “engaging second screen experiences.”

Fire TV takes a page from Amazon Echo and will soon allow shopping by voice. 
A trusted source at Amazon told me about the new feature and I have been able to confirm its presence in the latest software update by decompiling and examining the source code. Also included, a necessity to effectively shop Amazon’s massive product selection, is the addition of filtering and sorting options to the Fire TV’s search functionality.

As Amazon’s app catalog grows, so does the clutter – this should help tidy things.
The new update carries version number and has added the ability to mark apps and games as ‘Favorites’, similar to the recently added photo favorites feature, in order to make them more readily available.

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  1. Really no desire to shop via TV, with or without voice… Amazon smartphone app works just fine. In fact, we got a $45 order in this AM on wife’s phone for same day delivery. Can’t imagine Fire TV would be more efficient and suspect it’d actually be much less efficient.

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