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This is what Firefox OS looks like on TVs
Firefox OS is an operating system designed around the technologies used in the Firefox web browser. The first commercial devices with Firefox OS software were smartphones. But it can also run on tablets, TV sticks, and TVs. Now the developers of Firefox OS at Mozilla are giving us a closer look at how the operating system works on TVs.

Comcast Spent $336 Million On Failed Merger
The uncertainty of the now dead Time Warner Cable merger certainly didn’t hurt Comcast’s broadband growth. According to the company’s latest earnings report, Comcast continued to slowly bleed video subscribers (8,000 lost on the quarter) but added 407,000 high-speed Internet subscribers.

Summer TV Preview 2015: 15 New Shows You Need to Know About
Kids are leaving school. The weather is getting warmer. Superhero movies are about to take over our theaters. Basically, everything is getting worse — except your upcoming slate of new TV shows.

Alternatives to Windows Media Center (Make your own Home Theater PC)
For more than a decade Microsoft has made that by offering Windows Media Center. But when Windows 10 ships in the summer of 2015 it won’t include Media Center. The good news is that there are still some solid options available for Home Theater PC (HTPC) enthusiasts.

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  1. “Superhero movies are about to take over our theaters”

    Glad to see you’ve discovered Excellent source.


    Also, while I understand that’s your situation in rural Idaho, back in civilization, plenty of cinemas will be showing superb indie, restored oldie, and foreign fare throughout the summer…

  2. I mostly read what my Twitter followees link – that’s how I got to the story. “Twitter, it’s like RSS.™”

  3. “Twitter, it’s like RSS.™”

    Except for that whole ‘proprietary’ thing that keeps me from joining, of course.

    A good recent post from Brent Simmons, the guy probably more responsible for RSS than anybody besides Dave Winer…

  4. offtopic… What you think ever happened with the Sonos PlayBase? Think thats still due for launch? Seems like its been a while since we saw that name pop up. Any other ideas about what might be in store for sonos?

  5. Funny you should mention that… was thinking about it myself recently. Contemplating moving my 5.1 setup to the basement and picking up a relatively inexpensive projector ($700) for the occasional movie or sporting event and then simplifying my family room audio setup. If the Playbase were something like a Zvox, it could be a good solution. But there’s no news or rumors that I’ve come across. US Trademark office has a status update as of February which indicates “Application remains suspended.” — not sure what that means. Was looking at the 2014 Sony XT1 as a possibility. Hm.

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