Disney Prohibits WatchESPN Streaming On Roku TV

By way of USA Today and Rob Pegoraro, we’re reminded that while Roku TV provides a whole lot of good, the over-the-top experience remains compromised due to deep-seated fear and loathing amongst some content providers. Specifically, Disney has prohibited access to the WatchESPN app and a raft of Disney-branded channels available … on traditional Roku boxes. And, of course, Roku is clearly complicit as they cozy up to these guys while segregating their hardware offerings. The sad irony is that anti-consumer policies like these leave a number of folks wondering why they bother paying for cable when they may not be able to watch their programming how or where they want it. Perhaps the successor to CableCARD will provide a more sensible path forward. Or maybe all that excluded Disney content will simply find its way to Roku via Bittorrent and Plex.

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  • One industry person reminds us it could also be content contracts and partners further down the line... which doesn't really change the fact that this remains an industry problem and consumers are penalized. Consumers who will blame the messenger(s).

  • Dave, as you indicated, someday content providers may figure out that messing with paying customers ability to watch content they are paying for how, when , & where the customer wants is not a good idea and very likely to turn their paying customers into non-paying customers.

  • Yeah, Plex is awesome. atmusky is exactly correct, it's crap like this that turns people into non-paying customers. Though it's the live sports that really hurt.

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Dave Zatz