WatchESPN & Real Disney Content Coming To Roku

Later this month, Roku boxes will receive new Disney channels. And, unlike their first attempt, this is way more compelling than marketing fluff – featuring full length programming and “live TV”. However, access is limited to cable and satellite providers (with agreements in place), so the new offerings won’t expand Roku’s cord cutting appeal. WatchESPN has come a loooong way from the ESPN 3 Xbox exclusive years ago and this A-list offering nicely rounds out Roku’s sporting access while competing well with Apple TV.

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  1. Banged out this little post from the iPad and Logitech keyboard, both of which were fine – it’s the mobile interaction with WordPress that’s pretty darn unpleasant. I have a feeling that the folks who develop WordPress don’t actually blog very much. Of course my real problem is that I keep trying to put the square peg in the round hole.

  2. Watch out AppleTV! I’m an Apple fanboy, but if Roku can get a little better integration with my Apple life (iTunes, photos, etc), it’d start to be more than a thought in the back of my mind. Spotify could help seal the deal. Does Roku have Spotify? I’m too lazy to go look…..

  3. Roku also has the all new unified Netflix interface.

    The new interface is certainly an improvement, but it’s probably more notable that it serves as a fresh start for Netflix and its apps. If we came out with a great new feature” Jaffe explained, “we’d have to write it for PS3. We’d have to write it for Xbox — we have to write it for all these platforms.” Bringing Netflix Max or voice control to multiple platforms meant rewriting the code over and over again. The latest update introduces apps built on the same foundation, a new platform Netflix created to streamline its development processes. Now, Jaffe told us, they can code the feature once and distribute it to all platforms.”

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    Maybe not “legitimate” users but, from the amount of viewers that share HBOGo or Netflix passwords, I have no doubt this is impacting cord cutters.

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