Lenovo Cloud Camera to take on Dropcam?


Besides general software clunkiness, a large percentange of network cameras just look awful. In fact, I decomissioned our fairly practical Foscams because they just don’t look very nice around the home. The highly rated Dropcam, now a Google/Nest subsidiary, has been one of a very select few that have bucked at trend… which probably has contributed to their success and Google/Nest acquisition. Well, we may be days away from Lenovo upping the ante in this space. While we can’t yet comment much on the interface or recording functionality, this sexy 802.11 b/g/n/ Lenovo Cloud Camera hardware just passed through the FCC ahead of the “Internet of Things” CES.

From the manual, the Cloud cam will handle both visuals and audio… given the included “mute” function. Further, like Dropcam, it looks like the video feed can be made public, while recording is limited to owners. Where and how that video is archived, and at what potential cost, remains a mystery.

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