TiVo Roamio Deal: Plus with Lifetime for $500?

Supposedly a small subset of long-term TiVo customers have been offered quite the amazing deal:

  • Base Roamio w/lifetime service $200 for the unit and $200 for the lifetime service
  • Plus – $400 for the unit and $100 for lifetime service
  • Pro – $600 for the unit and $100 for lifetime service

The catch is that it’s not quite clear who is eligible, with some believing ten years of TiVo service may meet the threshold. I’m fairly certain I’ve got more than ten consecutive years in the can, but I’ve cycled through a number of devices… including a brief stint with Roamio, which might explain why I didn’t receive any outreach. But, if you’re ready for an upgrade, it’s at least worth making a call into TiVo (877-494-4567) to determine if you qualify. Especially since TiVo’s “holiday deals” haven’t (yet?) been very compelling – not even coming close to “summer sale” pricing.

(Thanks Bob, Dean!)

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  1. We definitely meet the 10 year service mark but haven’t gotten an offer. On the other hand we recently upgraded to a Roamio Pro with Lifetime and snagged a $99 deal on Lifetime for a Premiere. We’ve also got a mini so no real need for us.

    And Amazon Prime Streaming arrived today!

  2. Would it be overstepping my bounds to call up and ask for the $100 lifetime for my existing Roamio? I’ve been a proud owner since 2001!

  3. I’ve been using TiVos since 2001, but those first few years were DirecTV TiVos. I didn’t start using a TiVo where I subscribed to the service until the Series 3 TiVo in 2006. When I switched from DIrecTV to cable. So I guess I only have eight years, even though I’ve been using TiVos for thirteen years.

  4. Mike, it costs you nothing to call in and ask… Although I doubt they’ll be cleared to accommodate you.

    TiVo Black Friday deal is out. Reduced hardware prices on refurbs and increased monthly fees ($20) for a 2 year minimum – no Lifetime option.


    It’s kind of an ironic “deal” as a new base TiVo Roamio goes for $109 on Amazon today and requires $15/month. After 24 months the refurb “deal” Roamio cost $480 while the new Amazon unit comes in less at $469.

  5. I called all ready to drop money to finally upgrade to a Roamio, but they wouldn’t do it. My 7 years as a customer of a DirecTV TiVo box did not apply to the offer. So although I’ve been a customer for almost 15 years, only my last 6 1/2 years (since I bought my TiVo HD) counted. That was disappointing!

  6. I called today and made the 10 year deal (interesting 10 years this month though I thought it had been longer). New Roamio Pro plus 2 Minis on the way and no more monthly service to TiVo until I get a new device and proper multi-room viewing :-). We had been up to 4 TiVos at one time but earlier this year I let 2 drop from payment.

    Oh and that would be two less TWC cablecard fees.

    Mr. Chairman thanks for sharing the news.

  7. I just called Tivo and got the deal on a Roaming plus ($399)with lifetime service ($99) and 2 mini’s ($150)each with life time service.

  8. Have Tivo since 2002. Called in and got the deal. The rep said it was a 10+ service deal. Good bye Tivo HD, Tivo Premier, second cable card and monthly service and hello Roamio plus and Tivo Mini lifetime service.

    Plus I can now put my poor lifetime Sony Tivo DVR that has been kept alive via replaced hard drives and an ethernet hack, solely to get a monthly discount on the other boxes, to rest.

    Rest in peace good buddy. Your 12 years of service will never be forgotten.

  9. I called and had to wait on hold for a half hour while they tried to verify that I qualify ( I have had 2 Series 2 2002 and 2005, 1 TiVo HD 2008, Tivo Premiere 2012, TiVo Mini 2012, and TiVo Stream 2013. All except one Series 2 with Lifetime service) Part of the problem is that I had sold a TiVo so it no longer was in my account. They ended up selling me a Roamio Plus with Lifetime for $500.

    Anyone want a great deal on a Premiere Elite w/ TiVo Stream?

  10. Customer since 1999 here, 5 units, all Lifetime. Didn’t get offer. But I upgraded in the summer to a Lifetime Roamio Plus for $599 so I guess I don’t need this.

  11. Supposedly today is the last day for this deal… so make that call or forever hold your peace. I’m still waiting for a deal on TiVo Stream as my config is otherwise working fine and I’d rather not mess with flipping my headless Lifetimed XL4.

    By the by, according to TiVo.com billing history, I look to have been a subscriber since 4/2002 – which is when I also joined the TiVo Community forum.

  12. same boat dave. have an upgraded premiere4 i dont think is worth upgrading other than ridding myself of slingbox and getting the built in stream and another two tuners. the p4, which i’ve only had a year, doesnt seem too slow or anything to me and other than not having amazon prime, which i dont have/use now anyway, i dont see too compelling of a reason to deal with hassle.
    could possibly flip it on ebay and make $100? but i just dealt with an ebay tivo return claiming it didnt setup properly, so i am hesitant to ebay a tivo now.

  13. Dave, thanks for the note about it ending today. Was gonna wait till tomorrow, but got off my ass. Was quick and easy to pick up the Plus. Now just have to decide to replace the Elite or the 2 tuner (but OTA even though I don’t use it) Premiere.

  14. I bit too. Got my series 1 on Christmas Eve, 1999. Trading up from 3 Premieres with upgraded drives. I really only need 2 rooms but had the 3rd for the extra tuners. Ordered a 4TB drive to drop in the Plus. Ordered one Mini from them, wished I would have checked elsewhere first, they’re cheaper on Ebay.

    Ordered Friday, shipping today, I should have tomorrow. I’m guessing they’re shipping from TX..

    I can sell my Stream and MOCA adapters and recover some too.

  15. Rec’d the Roamio Pro and 2 Mini’s on the 10yr offer and upon setting the Roamio up, it rec’d a software update from 19.x to 20.x. The Roamio will not recognize the Motorola Tuning Adapter provided by Time Warner because TiVo says the certificates aren’t accepted/compatible. I contacted Time Warner and they couldn’t figure it out nor provide a way to get the necessary firmware…according to TiVo should be v1.40 or greater. I read the forums and found this article where TiVo Margaret says this is a known issue and it is up to the cable companies to address (http://www.tivocommunity.com/tivo-vb/showthread.php?t=522439)

    I contacted again TWC via their support chat and was told it is up to Motorola and I would need to contact them. I asked if they could open a case that I could track and they do not apparently have a customer service case management system (interesting).

    So this is a bit of a showstopper for me since many of the children’s oriented channels are SDV and need the tuning adapter. It would be nice to at least know a date so that if way out in 2015, I can decide to return my purchase to TiVo and either wait for the next special or finally make a switch to something else.

  16. The Time Warner problem snuck up on me too. While repairing my cable card I asked the tech and he told me there was a fix in the works and in beta, supposed to be implemented within the next week or so, at least in Dallas. I wish I would have gotten his name, best cable card tech at Time Warner I’ve ever had.

  17. “@Chucky – as predicted Dish caved on auto-skip in the CBS negotiations. Stupid.”

    Well, what choice did they have? (Not sure which party you think was stupid here…)

    And FWIW, not only did I predict this, but I’m with Team CBS on the merits. I’m pro-manual comskip, but anti-mass deployed auto comskip. Mass deployed turnkey auto comskip has always seemed wrong to me on the merits, and I applaud CBS for using whatever leverage they had to fight it off.

    (Especially, given that CBS has the least leverage of any of the broadcasters, given their short-sighted decision to spin off Viacom…)

  18. My only point was it was obvious this would happen and Dish never should have deployed auto-comskip enabled in the first place. As you’ve said before, this stuff may be allowed to survive if not too many people use it or realize its there. Course not enabling it would probably mean it was worthless to develop in the first place–tyranny of the default and all that. Anyway, obvious how this would turn out to anyone with half a brain.

  19. “My only point was it was obvious this would happen and Dish never should have deployed auto-comskip enabled in the first place.”

    Hey, maybe it was win-win. DISH sold some subs, and CBS got their rights back. The only losers were the DISH customers…

  20. Finally got around to calling in about this and was able to buy a Roamio Plus with Lifetime for $500 with the above deal today (12/14) so it is still being offered. :)

  21. I have been a tivo customer for just over 9yrs (5 tivos currently), and I just got this deal today (12/16), after a little convincing. I picked the Roamio Pro for $600+$100 lifetime as I need the extra storage. I think I may retire my 2 older single tuner boxes and get some mini’s at Sams Club for $114. I would have never bought this except for this website’s listing and all the great responses! The other deals available are just not good enough.

  22. I wasn’t able to get it, 7-8 years into service. It was $725 & 875 for Plus & Pro before tax if I wanted to get them (w/ lifetime)

  23. Tuning Adapter firmware finally updated to v1.4 when u checked last Saturday. So TiVo Roamio Pro now talking to it…and all channels available.

    Now to replace an aging 37″ HD tube with no HDMI so I can use one of the Minis that I bought. This may be a hard sell for the wife.

    Isn’t it fun this technology stuff.

  24. Got in on this great deal, so glad I found it. $200 less than their other best deal for the Plus. Been a customer for 15 years.

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