The A&E Streaming Infographic


In conjunction with the A&E, History, and Lifetime Channel apps launching on Fire TV, A+E Networks hit us with an interesting infographic. And, while it’s far too large to run in its entirely, we’ve chopped up a portion above. Beyond the numbers, and without knowing how exactly they measure an Apple TV “download,” A+E elaborates:

On average, XBOX 360 users watch 292% more videos per user than Apple TV and 21% more than Roku. Roku users watch 224% more than Apple TV users.

Further, reinforcing data previously provided in regards to the Verizon FiOS Xbox app, A+E Networks report viewing peaks each evening about 10-11PM. And 88% of connections by those running “mobile” apps occur over WiFi versus cellular.

4 thoughts on “The A&E Streaming Infographic”

  1. And here I thought Roku owners were all cord cutters.

    A&E apps are the absolute worst of the TV Anywhere apps when it comes to commercials. I think there are more minutes lost to commercial time in their apps than when the shows air on TV.

    The commercials were so lengthy, and the stream so bad (and you always have to sit through the commercials when there’s a stream issue) I just gave up on Storage Wars.

    If I miss it on my DVR and it’s an A&E program, I’ll just pass from now on.

  2. The A+E pitch did mention they offer a decent amount of content without requiring a cable subscription… because it is indeed advertising-powered.

  3. I didn’t take notes on how much content was free, but it was never more than just a random episode from a few of their shows.

    If your DVR missed an episode of a show, you can bet it will be behind the authenticated subscriber wall.

  4. I wonder if there is something to the demographics of each platform and what content they prefer. If they are only measuring AE/History/Lifetime views, it could be that Xbox users are more likely to watch the shows on those channels than an Apple TV user, who might be watching more Netflix or something.

    Anecdotally, I can’t remember the last time I watched anything on those networks. It’s all reality stuff, right?

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