The HDHomeRun Prime Giveaway

Dave Zatz —  August 6, 2014


Hot on the heels of our DLNA streaming piece, and amidst CableCARD uncertainty, we’re offering up our Silicon Dust HDHomeRun Prime review unit.

While humble in appearance, this little box is capable of tuning three simultaneous streams of digital cable, via a single CableCARD, and beaming the content across your home network. Those running Windows Media Center are best positioned to benefit from the Prime, with competent DVR capabilities. Yet, via that aforementioned DLNA support, all manner of devices are capable of receiving a subset of live cable programming – including PS3, Android, and Samsung smart TVs.

Entering is as easy as it gets — simply leave a comment if you want in. We’ll choose one winner at random in a few days.

149 responses to The HDHomeRun Prime Giveaway

  1. How fun!

  2. Grant Alperstein August 6, 2014 at 7:39 am

    I would love one!

  3. After reading your article I got serious and started doing research and pricing for cable card rigs (ceton echo/PRIME/etc). I am paying $34 a month for two DVRs. Tivo is just as expensive. Maybe it’s time to make the leap.

  4. curious

  5. Would love to try one of these out!

  6. Jason Holzhausen August 6, 2014 at 7:58 am

    I’d add this to my media center.

  7. Count me in

  8. I hope Microsoft starts getting serious about media center

  9. Just added a home theater to the basement, this would be fun to try out!

  10. HomeRun

  11. Cable pc recording would be a big improvement!

  12. I’m in!

    My old HDHR dual doesn’t support DLNA, which limits its usefulness in XBMC. Really need an updated model.

  13. I always wanted to try something like this to cut down on the cable bill.

  14. I would like one!

  15. Don’t pick me, I can’t use it! But I felt awkward not entering.

  16. Please! Thanks Dave.

  17. If I got this I’d have to start researching OTA antennae again!

  18. I totally need one!

  19. Ooh, this would be handy.

  20. It would be really nice to be able to stream shows I pay for to my phone and tablet *cough*tivo*cough*.

  21. Better than a Woot-off!

  22. I’ll take one and see if I can replace my TiVo.

  23. Hey,I could find something to do with this

  24. This would make a great supplement to my Tivo Roamio!

  25. Can never replace the TiVo we love, but like to play around with it.

  26. I would love one :)

  27. Lost my job and have to save some $ COX offers cablecards for $ would love a PRIME Box. Thanks.

  28. I’m in.

  29. That would be a perfect setup.

  30. The HDHR tuner products are great products that are very stable and work very well. Now what Silicon Dust needs is an alternative to the Windows Media Center system (including PC based DVR software, PC software extender client, Raspberry Pi based extender client) that has a better long term support outlook than Media Center.

  31. Looks cool

  32. Would love to have right besides my OG HDHR tuner.

  33. I would love to try the dlna streaming

  34. I’m in.

  35. I want it!

  36. Count me in.

  37. Would love to test this out

  38. I think 3 tuners would be the sweetspot for my DVR setup.

  39. Verizon would love another 4.99 a month for another cable card

  40. would love to update my system

  41. I’d love one of these but I have an X1 and apparently if you have that box your home is no longer compatible with cablecard. I couldn’t tell you why.

  42. This would certainly help kick start my preparations for my future Android L TV setup.

  43. I would love to see if I could integrate this into my home media setup. I hope I get it!

  44. This would be a great addition to my Windows 7 PC. Pick ME! :-P

  45. I’ve been thinking about dlna capable tuner. It’d be great to watch tv on my tablet or phone.

  46. This would work great in my den.

  47. Just once, I would love to be able to respond to the inevitable question of “How much did THAT cost?” with “It was free, Honey!”

  48. I would love the upgrade.

  49. Who WOULDN’T want one of these. :)

  50. Great website. Would love to win this.

  51. Count me in. We are always looking for new ways to keep the family entertained.

  52. Excellent!

  53. I guess I would need another cable card for something like this. One cable card for only three tuners doesn’t seem very efficient.

  54. Have long wanted to try one, but have never pulled the trigger on a purchase. This could solve that problem.

  55. Now THIS I could use!

  56. I would love to see if this will work with my old SageTV setup. I’m in…fingers crossed

  57. That would be really fun to play with.

  58. Matthew Hochheiser August 6, 2014 at 12:44 pm

    sure – another toy never hurts!

  59. I wish they would make a model that could receive free-to-air satellite signals, when connected to an appropriate satellite dish and LNB.

  60. I would like to win.

  61. I would love it!

  62. Hopefully I’ll Winn this. Me wants one badly.

  63. I could go for this!

  64. H ow
    D ave
    H opes to
    R eceive one,
    PRIME candidate indeed!

  65. Please let me win, follow you for all of my TiVo information!

  66. What the heck, could be fun to toy with :)

  67. Been looking at these for years!

  68. just the right price!

  69. Count me in!

  70. William C Bonner August 6, 2014 at 1:59 pm

    Network TV Tuning is Awesome!

  71. I’d love to have one! Love my TiVos but always looking to try out new options.

  72. I love to play with technology. I think this would be a great toy for me!

  73. Thanks Zatz team!! MCE FTW

  74. Pick me so I can cheat on TiVo!

  75. Feed my football addiction!

  76. Prime time for football.

  77. Very cool WMC ready to go (or pull out of the box it’s been in for a year!)

  78. Matthew Packard August 6, 2014 at 3:37 pm

    Hi Dave,
    I love your site. I’m also looking for a product like this. Please put me in the drawing.

  79. About to get cable for the first time, count me in!

  80. Just in time for Football Season – Thanks Dave for the Great Site.

  81. Would love to win.

  82. This would be cool!

  83. Pick me!

  84. Count me in! Love this stuff. Currently using InfiniTV4 cable card.

  85. Count Me IN!

  86. I want in!

  87. In it to win it!

  88. I like cheese.

  89. Jessica Altaffer August 6, 2014 at 8:41 pm

    I am so ready to ditch the box!!

  90. Would love to win this!

  91. I like it, it’s nice…

  92. Long time follower, first time posted; would love to win!

  93. Sounds awesome !

  94. Love your work, keep it up

  95. Count me in

  96. I would love to try this out!

  97. I’m in…

  98. Sounds perfect for my WMC box

  99. I want in, also.

  100. Count me in!!!!

  101. I would like to win.

  102. Ooh, I have one of the 1st gen ones. I’d love to upgrade to something with cable card!

  103. Awesome device. I would love to have one!

  104. Yes Please!

  105. Thanks for the giveaway!

  106. I’m in. Thanks!

  107. Please pick me!

  108. I’m more ‘random’ than most, might increase my chances ;)

  109. Dave, follow your site weekly (almost daily). Already have earlier OTA version and love it. I really need this for additional channels.

  110. Please for me!

  111. Crossing my fingers!

  112. I’m in the process of redoing my media center. This would be a good start

  113. Yes please, I would put this to good use!

  114. This would be fun to play with. I do hope I get the nod!

  115. I’ll take one

  116. Free HD Homerun Prime?!? You bet I’ll take it.

  117. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  118. Woot Woot! I’ve been really needing one of these!

  119. This would be the perfect tech gift for me – at a price my wife won’t complain about! !!! Next up – the Android app for tivo stream……

  120. This is an excellent giveaway. Thanks!

  121. I’m in! I stole my CC from my pc and put it into my new Tivo.

  122. Hey Dave I’d love the CC Tuner.

  123. Great product!

  124. Entering hoping to win. It’s disheartening to see how complicated the cable overlords have made watching and recordng tv nowadays. How I miss the simplicity of just setting the vcr-later dvd recorders, and getting home to watch timeshifted programs. Crosses fingers, lady lucky, papa needs a HDHome Run tuner!

  125. I could really use this… spin the wheel.
    Thanks Dave

  126. I want one of these to mess around with…

  127. Thanks for the opportunity!

  128. Would love one!

  129. I would love to win one to expand my HTPC setup and right before the fall season.

  130. Been wanting one for a while. Fingers crossed.

  131. Thanks for the raffle. Would love to win.

  132. I would love one.

  133. I’ve always wanted to play around with one of these — would love to win!

  134. Just discovered the blog while searching for Tablo reviews. Thanks and sign me up for the drawing.

  135. Ooh! A prize! I hope I win!

    :) Thanks for the contest!

  136. Pick me!!!?1?


  137. Christopher Walsh August 13, 2014 at 11:00 am

    Enter me please if it hasn’t been given away already.

  138. I’d really like one of these.

  139. Working on my home media network system, figuring out how to integrate my multiple TiVo units (including a Roamio 4 tuner), eyeTV, ReadyNAS, Sony TVs & Samsung BluRay (for DLNA), and ios devices to feed my home and an outdoor theater. It would be interesting and productive to add in an HDHomeRun Prime to my system.

  140. Markv is the bigger winner! But stay tuned, we got two more things going up over the next few weeks…