DirecTV Extends TiVo Agreement Into 2018

Sadly, the initial fruits of their renewed labor haven’t been very compelling, leading some to wonder if DirecTV is doing the bare minimum to avoid costly licensing. And is it coincidental that TiVo’s Time Warp patent protection expires in 2018? Regardless, hope these guys have a higher def whole-home TiVo solution in the works for DirecTV subscribers. Given THR22 scarcity, there may indeed be something new in the pipeline…

4 thoughts on “DirecTV Extends TiVo Agreement Into 2018”

  1. Hah, yeah, 2018. I saw the year and immediately came here to post about that odd coincidence, but you caught it!

  2. The HR10-250 was so awesome at the time and arguably ahead of its time. Now I have my Roamio with overly compressed Comcast, ugh.

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