Aug 18

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  1. Michael Burstin August 18, 2014 at 10:16 am

    Wonder if this will also be on Kindle Fire tables?

  2. Wow, they must feel good it wont slip any futher

  3. About time- look I have been with TIVO since 2000 but I am dismayed by some biz practices. I want their technology to catch on bit they have to do better.

  4. I’ll believe it when I see it. Two years after the Stream was launched is not a very timely release. Initially I was hoping Android support would have happened before the end of the 2012 NFL season. I’m glad I picked up a launch Slingbox 350 in October 2012 instead of picking up a Stream. Although now I have the built in Stream in my Roamio Pro that has been useless to me for the last year.

  5. I don’t think they’d have tweeted it unless they were real close…

    As to what flavors of Android and devices are support, we’re left to wonder. Sure hope the Android app can be sideloaded onto the Fire TV if there’s nothing official at launch. That’d make things even more interesting.

  6. I have Android 4.4.x on my cellphone and tablet so I better not have any issues using the Stream app. Although I will not be surprised if in one month, another tweet goes out that says the release has been pushed back. I hope not but I am not going to hold my breath.

  7. So, is it too early to start whining for Chromecast support to cast video playback?

  8. But for the talk of the Mini maybe going without a service fee, I would think surely they will never allow for Chromecast support. Now I’m thinking that it may happen along with the other things that could really make them a contender. :)

  9. Don’t be holding your breath for Kindle support for a number of reasons. Broad support otherwise…

  10. Michael Burstin August 19, 2014 at 7:31 am

    @Little Bird – any reason? Kindle Fire is “just” another Android tablet. Tivo already has versions of their app in the Kindle App Store — why not just update it?

  11. I wish there was a priority signup list like with the tivo software updates.

  12. We need more Beta testers with Android devices..Sign up at [..]”
    TiVo Margret Schmidt @tivodesign · 21h

    Ok, ok, I have plenty of Android Beta Test volunteers now, thank you!
    TiVo Margret Schmidt @tivodesign · 16h

  13. On the forums, Margret did mention Android 4.1 and up is supported. Perhaps, except for Kindle, as suggested by Little Bird.

  14. The second generation Kindle Fire HD runs on a form of 4.0.3 which means that it presumably will not be supported. The third generation models (HDX and newer HD) run on a form of 4.2 and could be supported. It would be nice if Margaret could let us know.

  15. I’m over the moon excited by the news and really hope that TiVo gets the Android support working flawlessly, because then hopefully every TiVo user will run out and pick up a stand alone Stream if they either don’t already have one or don’t have one built in. I invision a world of TiVo users all with Streams watching their shows on Andriod and iOS devices everywhere. I’m also hoping for better picture quality and DD+, I mean after all the Stream hardware is capable of 1080p and Dolby Digital Plus and according to this review the Kindle Fire HD (and I’m sure a bunch of others at this point) support it. Also looking forward to hopefully seeing non proxy out of home streaming and MPEG-DASH and even more, hoping for the ability to stream MPEG4 encoded channels like from FiOS and Cox for example.

  16. Yeah, TiVo has to solve the MPEG4 channel issue… I’m surprised it hasn’t gotten more attention. Maybe that’s my fault.

  17. I (and many others) really hope your substantial influence in the tech journalism world will be the kick in the rear TiVo needs to get MPEG4 working. Please?

  18. If Tivo allows streaming to an android set top box, why would anyone buy a mini since the android devices are much cheaper and have more streaming options?

  19. For years, TiVo has claimed they’re a software and services company… and laying off their hardware industrial design team probably supports that as does launching a new (OTA) product in the same (CableCARD slot) enclosure. But the thought was they would charge for such access as DISH does to Playstation and LG TVs for their Virtual Joey. Hm.

  20. I’ve been wsiting for this for so long. I even changed me anylitical setting with TiVo by calling them band opting out as a way to protest their delay with the android app. I think all android users should do the same. The data they collect from our TiVo units is like gold to them. And to deprive them of it would further force them to give us our app.

  21. @shwru980r since TiVo hasn’t mentioned streaming to Android set up boxes I’m not sure I understand the question. The streaming discussed is to tablets and phones, portable devices which has a different experience and market than sitting at home watching it on the big screen television. If on the off chance that TiVo does decide to allow the use of their TiVo software on an Android set-top box, I would imagine that they would be licensing that the manufacture of the Android device would have to pay TiVo to use the software so either way TiVo would be getting money by selling the first party hardware with the Mini or through licensing for the software. A huge game changer would be if TiVo got their software on the Apple TV or Roku or Android TV through an OS installation (like TiVo branded version) or better yet through a purchasable app (or free app plus subscription) that allows full Mini behavior and experience. With the use of HEXE and/or HTML5 I’m pretty sure it’s doable. The more ways TiVo allows people to use their interface the better off they are as a company and as a product which benefits their customers in the long run (I’d hope). I say this because I don’t want TiVo to close its retail side (leaving customers SOL) and go full on MSO-only like Arris did with Moxi.

  22. @Dave Zatz Well my faith in you was well placed, looks like you did it. Stream MPEG4 support is coming. Excellent job!