TiVo Elevates Opera Apps

Dave Zatz —  July 22, 2014


By way of RCN, we’ve learned that both rental and retail TiVo Roamio, Premiere, and Mini hardware will receive a minor update to surface favorited Opera TV Store apps via a new link (highlighted above) – and, thus, saving you a click. While Opera app selection and speed still leave something to be desired, it’s a decent improvement and far easier to engineer than pulling specific Opera app listings into TiVo’s native menu. But what we really want is an Amazon Instant update…

7 responses to TiVo Elevates Opera Apps

  1. Still wont use em.

  2. This hasn’t appeared on my retail Roamio Pro (yet)…

  3. I had really hoped they’d deep link to the apps themselves to eliminate the need to see any of the Opera TV interface. Particularly since I’d only have one favorite—Vimeo is still the only thing that interests me there.

  4. Funny… I intentionally choose something other than Vimeo for the screenshots. But, yeah, that might be the only worthwhile app.

    Sam, it’s live on my Premiere and Minis.

  5. KingOfTerrible July 22, 2014 at 11:19 pm

    It is live on my Roamio Pro right now.

  6. Can anyone write apps? Does it go through an app approval process like Apple? Is there a public SDK for these apps?